: 4/5

Travel bed

I ordered the small for a JRTx pup. It's a good size , she can move around at the moment. As she is a cross she may be a little bigger than your average JRT. May need to upsize if she is a big JRT. So far she hasn't chewed it but I haven't left her too long alone in it.
: 4/5

my puppys new home on the go

Got this as a Christmas present. I have an 8 month old Glen of Imaal Terrier, she currently weighs in at 13Kg with some growing left to do and I went for the XL siize as I wanted to give her some space when we are at shows. She loves it. Its comfy well made and fit for purpose. Easy and quick to put up. The grey colour is smart and to keep it that way it would be nice to include a waterproof sheet for underneath if outdoors or away from home. At the moment I am using the carry bag for this.
09/04/18 | M Spencer
: 4/5

We love this box

Our 12kg Jack Russell / Border Collie mix is comfortable and secure in it. In the car it keeps her and her loose fur contained - and any mud she picks up. It couldn't be simpler to use, it's light but sturdy, it's well-ventilated, she can see out, there's no lingering dog smell in the car after removing it, and it's easy to clean both the box and the removable pad. The ONLY thing I could ask is a sturdier loop to which a dog seat belt could be attached to help secure it in the back seat.
: 4/5

Size S - big enough for two cats

I bought this for my cats for transporting, and was unsure about the size until it arrived. It's very roomy inside. I have a large bengal, and a small bengal, and I think they will both fit in there comfortably. The only issue may be the mesh windows. I've heard other people complain that cats chew through it and escape - one of mine seems to be the type to do that. It would all depend on your pet's temperment really. It might be best if they could use cat mesh for this (regardless of animal - most animals chew).
03/11/14 | Katie
: 4/5

Large but worth it

I used this to transport my cat, Trixie, all the way from London to North Yorkshire on public transport! As it's large it meant she had to have a whole seat to herself but it gave her plenty of space to move around and the window flaps are brilliant for either letting her see what's around, or help her hide away. I like that you're able to fold it away although I leave Trixie's out as she can use it as a den. The pocket on it is really useful too. I use it to hold any paperwork needed at the vets and for tissues in case of any little accidents. My only criticism is I don't think there's enough ventilation in it, even with the side flaps open as it can get quite warm inside. But overall I definitely recommend this for your kitties or very small dogs because it's sturdy and gives plenty of space to prevent any claustrophobia anxieties.
: 4/5

OMG looks great but its huge

I took the medium size,and when opened it realized it was huge.Really massive i could put 4cats in it...really ashame as it really looks nice and handy.