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My Dog loves it.

Great carrier, lightweight and comfortable for both me and the dog. Can’t get him out of it .
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Such a lovely carrier bag

Used this for my French Bulldog puppy when he was between 2 and 4 months old, he is getting too big now but for cats, small dogs or young puppies this is great. Very comfortable for our dog and also comfortable for us to carry him around in. Great quality for the price, can recommend!
09/05/21 | Nirina Plunkett
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Brilliant carrier backpack for cats

We brought our cat up the mountains with this backpack and it's brilliant! It's great for the backseat and seatbelted in, lightweight when carrying on your back or front, and gave my cat security whilst adhering to her curiousity! She was very comfortable and it has great pockets on the sides, the rainproof cover, two main zips and a clip for your cat's harness or collar inside.
22/01/19 | Laura
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Large and sturdy enough for my big Siberian boy

Just in case you are worried if this can hold your car or small dog... This is good enough for a big Siberian boy... So unless you have a Maine coon, this backpack is for you. It also seems to hold his 6kg quite well. For a few trips per year, this does the job quite well. Great also having pockets where I keep his documents. Recommended
15/10/18 | Jc
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Excellent and intend to buy multiple!

Arrived in excellent condition and exactly like description and image. Cat loves it, I love it and could not ask for a better alternative - the best in the market! Will buy more when I get more kitties!
03/08/18 | Donna
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bend at the knees rather than bend over!

My cat loves travelling in this - I bought it to take her to my community garden where I have a plot, but felt mean escaping there in the hot weather and leaving her stuck indoors in the heat. Discreet - I can take her into Waitrose in this! I have to remember to bend my knees, rather than just bending over; I hadn't discovered the waist strap at first, bent over and she and the bag fell forward on to my head- probably why she thought it was a very smooth ride after that!
19/06/18 | Marta
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It's confortable

It's a good backpack for my cats. It's okay for my 4kl cat and a little small for my 7kl cat, but the backpack is strong enough for them.
18/01/18 | Emma Bird
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Good product, but 5.5kg cat didn't fit

We have a 5.5kg cat. He's big. I thought it would fit in this carrier but unfortunately he did not. I am very pleasd with Zooplus customer service who processed our return very efficiently. But if you have a big cat (Norwegian / Maine Coon / Siberian) they will not fit in this carrier.
10/01/18 | Shadows Cats
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Cats love it !

My daughter often travels with her cat, and this backpack has been the answer to her prayers. So easy to carry as a backpack, leaving hands free , lightweight and not bulky on public transport like a travel box. Also the cats love being in the carrier and travel better. I love the soft base inside and how the cat can look out if it wants to. Rain cover a great idea, and the whole thing flat packs easily for storage. Amazing price too! Will be buying more!
11/12/17 | Meg
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Amazing for Cats!

Hi! I have one of these for my kitten. For when I take her to the vet. It is absolutely amazing! I've walked passed dogs with this on my back and they havent even noticed theres a cat inside. Its comfortable to wear. Really easy to use. We have another kitten now and I am going to buy another carrier for that cat aswell.
30/10/17 | Cherie
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A great and possible life saving carrier

I brought this in case I needed to evacuate my flat quickly. Carrying a goldfish container and a cat carried both heavy may be a little difficult. So I brought this and I'm delighted with it and the quality is excellent My 17 yo cat wasn't too happy when i tried her inside it, so complained bitterly and gave me the stink eye, I guess she didn't appreciate the reduced size compared to her normal carrier. I hope I will never have to use it in an emergency but I feel happier knowing it is there.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My cat loves it, so I love it.

This is the handiest, light carrier ever and the extremely reasonable price makes it all the better. I thought it would be shredded in no time, but instead it became a sanctuary for my cat. I've used it in all weathers, on boats and trains and in the car. People always marvel at how well my cat travels but I've used it with my son's cat and it responded in the same way. I put it down to the non-claustrophobic design, that also offers a small hide-away for them. The pockets are nice and big too.
01/04/17 | Lisa
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Have tried loads of bags for my French bulldog pup and this is bar farctge best and safest to let him come on long walks with the other dogs before he's aloud out So happy with my purchase thank you
28/08/14 | Rebecca Webster
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Sightseer backpack pet carrier

I bought this for my Yorkshire Terrier, he does not like to walk too far so this is a perfect solution very lightweight when on your back hands are free it's brilliant feels very secure when you carry your pet even on a bike, he also sleeps in it at home, love the fact it also has a little rain cover it's just perfect.
25/06/14 | Anna
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Sightseers backpack

I purchased this for my Yorkshire terrier. It's been great, better than I anticipated. I use it as a backpack when out walking, as a dog bed and as a way to contain her when visiting friends. The pockets are really useful for food and lead. It's also very easy to get her in and out. If I leave the bottom flap open she goes in on her own and settles down. I'm also going to use it as a place to keep her out of the sun in the summers when out and on holiday as it has the mesh top it provides lots of ventilation. I had been looking for something like this for a couple of years and finally found it in this backpack