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Perfect for my German Shepherd. Although it isn’t a thick collar it is extremely strong and durable! Would definitely recommend for any breed!
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Best collar I've had for a long time

Over the past 19 years I've had 5 boxer dogs and had a lot of dog collars, some very expensive ones. This is one of the best by far and certainly the cheapest. I would highly recommend it and have purchased the Hunter 'police style' double ended lead to go with. I though previously that it would be just a 'standard' collar with a posh name on, but it truly is strong, yet comfortable for a dog and the metal clasp is very secure. Will purchase other 'Hunter' dog products now I know the quality of
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Gorgeous and durable!

I bought this collar for my eight month old Parson Russell Terrier. Due to him having a rather thin neck, most collars look too chunky on him. This is perfect! It's not too wide, so looks great. It's strong -he pulls like a sled dog! And as yet, it still looks brand new (he's been wearing it for one week but he is a terrier and is constantly in bushes and mud). I would recommend this collar to everyone! He also gets a lot of attention due to his very stylish accessories... Everyone asks me where I got it from :o) 10/10. Brilliant, stylish and practical :o)
22/08/11 | Bonnie Patricia Wright
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Great dog collar

I have two german shepherds,They already have these collars but the one was a young dog when she had hers so now ive bought her the bigger size the smaller sized collar has been washed and washed and yet it comes up looking like new, This really is the best collar to buy, great price and thank you zooplus.
09/06/10 | Bonnie Patricia
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hunter nylon collar

I brought this for my german shepherd male,this is the best collar ive ever brought strong and lite, looks great and well worth the money.
08/05/09 | Sweelan
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Perfect for holidays!

Bought this collar for holidays as sea water isn't too kind to expensive nice leather collars. It's lightweight & I particularly like the strong aluminium clasp (I'm wary of using the ones with plastic clasp on my big dog in case it breaks). Bravo to 'Hunter' for a simple but great design.
14/04/09 | dogstick
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Secure & Looks Good

For my German Shepherd pup this is great. She is growing at such a rate that there is no point in buying a leather collar until she has reached her full size. All the other nylon collars I have seen have plastic closures and don’t really look or feel like they are up to the task of restraining a powerful and excited animal. The metal closure on this collar is robust and looks great too. Highly recommended.
19/02/09 | chris the div
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fixing previous review

hi i just left a review about this collar being too small. im a complete idiot i wasnt adjusting it right im very sorry zooplus team procudt is excellent no complaints at all dog loves it too.