03/17/18 | linda keenan


Couldn't be without one of these leads. They are lightweight, but very, very strong. Really good quality. Excellent control for my dog with not very good recall. Nice light lead (rather than material ones that get very heavy and drag when wet).

11/20/17 | Henning

Fantastic lead

I had mine for over a year now. wery few problems with it. The line twistet a few times, but easy to fix. I use it every day. its strong and fast at roling back. I like the line not burning your skin like the thin lines on other models do. Yes its a little heavy, but hold it like a shopping bag down the side of your body then its easy to walk with for a long time. The 10 meters is nice, but i wish for a even longer one. 15 - 20 m.

02/06/17 | Ricardo

Long and strong

Good lead can be short for on heel training and good to allow freedom in situations where being off lead could be dangerous and maintaining full control. Gets heavier when wet and can pick up dirt as the weight of water makes the extended tape touch the ground when raining. but overall I'm very satisfied.

01/30/17 | Heather Wherritt

Fantastic Lead

Bought one of these Nov 2014 and its still going strong used twice a day with 2 GSD Bought from ZOOPLUS just ordered a second one for the day the first may let me down great lead and fantastic value from ZOOPLUS



Brilliant lead I would recommend it, the only problem I have is the mental clip that you attach to your dogs collar wears out at the bit that spins attached to the lead. I do have a husky though and she does run until she runs out of lead and this wears it out. The lead how ever has never broken or fraid. I will be getting another one soon. ps I like the idea of the hi viz but think it will get dirty, I would have got another grey one it they were selling it.

01/24/16 | T.S


Amazing pruduct being using over the last year still In good conditon well worth it.

01/08/16 | Carol

Best retractable lead for keeping control

I've had my flexi for years and still going strong,yes , a bit heavier but it's gotta be to withstand the strain day in day out,occasionally I wipe the tape down and leave to dry before rewinding ,not a fray in sight,now I have 2 dogs around the 40kg mark and rather than struggling with 2 I would like to think that a dual tape or thin but strong cord in one cassette would be possible as they're not boisterous but need to roam safely ,feel a bit like John Wayne with one in each hand😃



I use the 8 metre flexi lead it holds my bull mastiff, ridgeback, and bull terrier. Ive had mine for 1 year plus, never use it on the street, and is excellant for certain types of training i.e tracking, scent work etc.....

07/12/15 | Tim Bennett


This is lead is ideal for when you are walking in unfamiliar areas. Your dog can explore but is still safe if the unexpected happens. In fact this is so good I've had to order more for the people I walk with! That's 6 big gsd's!


Very good

I brought this lead for my lively cross rottie weighing 38kg and has been very good strong I would recommend this to any one

06/22/15 | Kerry

Made such a difference!

I love this lead! I've just purchased a second one as my English Bull Terrier pup had sneakily started to nibble through the line during one 'stop', and added a short length of chain (to clip between collar and extending lead) so that if he turns to chew it now he gets chain and not line. No more getting tangled in (most often wet and muddy) training lines - this is all I need and gives him a sense of freedom when he can't go off lead or is training. It's a really good length - any shorter and I felt like I was kite surfing everytime he came to the end of it! I'm 100% confident in it holding my 30kg Bullie and it is my everyday/everytime lead. Our old Doberman now has the old 'nibbled' lead as although I felt safer ordering a new one for the Bullie, it's showing absolutely no signs of fraying through. Cannot fault this product at all.

04/11/15 | Jo Squires

Fantastic, highly recommended

Very impressed. Bought for our staffie, who can sometimes be reactive with new /excitable dogs & so we always keep a lead on in public parks etc. It's given us so much more freedom for her to explore,run & enjoy. It's easy to use, solid, secure, doesn't get tangled pulling out or going back into the casing & rotates at her collar for good movement / flexibility. I have to say I wouldn't trust her completely if she was at the end of the 10mtrs not to break it (due to her breed) but it's a great line in addition to being watchful, to then bring her in, if needed, easy to control & as has given the whole family more freedom. It's a little weighty but you soon get used to it.


First flexi lead we've owned...

This is our first experience of a flexi lead as we had been told by our trainer they were no good. I bought this to use instead of the 15m training line we were using as I was sick of washing it after every walk. It has been probably the best doggy purchase I've made so far (I've bought A LOT of things!) Pooch is an 8m Dalmatian who weighs 33kg with a less than perfect recall so 10m is a good length for him to have some freedom but still be under close supervision. He does have quite good lead manners so haven't had to deal with any real pulling but it feels sturdy enough to handle him. There are some negative reviews on the weight... I'm petite but don't find it an issue, if anything it helps balance any slight pulling from the other end. It fits nicely in my satchel. I'm just so pleased to not have to keep getting muddy rolling up his recall line every walk.

12/17/14 | Chris


Absolutely love this lead, the best one I've ever bought. Had various flexi leads over the years and this is the toughest / strongest yet. Had mine at least a year now and its still going strong no fraying at all. Sounds quite clonky when using it but you get used to that , bit heavier than any of the others. Looking to buy another one now for my latest addition to the family.



I have this for my Dobermann/Labrador cross - he's 80lbs and very powerful, but this Flexi is very strong and I trust it 100% to withstand his pulling. The extra 10m length is great - there are times when he must be on a lead, and I am still able to throw his ball about for him and now we can walk just about anywhere without worrying about having any issues. Love it. Delivered in 2 days, very fast. Definitely worth it.

06/24/14 | Rachael Tomlinson

Better than all the others

This is my third flexi lead and by far the best. It is heavy to hold but then that helps greatly with the reeling back in if you need to quickly. I also like the fact that you can retract it right to the end in case you need to have your dog close too when other dogs or cyclists approach. Very good price and excellent value for money. If you have a dog in an area where you can't let them off lead this is perfect for you and even at full extension it is very quick to reel back in. Can't recommend enough :)

06/22/14 | Alan Young

Does what is says on the description.

Very well made piece of kit which works very perfectly and the spring is strong enough to take up any slack in the lead - therefore it does not drag on the ground or get near the dogs feet.. Also works well as a short lead with the locking mechanism. Shame they don't make these even longer as ideally I would actually prefer a 15M version.

05/16/14 | zach

Great flexi lead

The lead is great very strong and well built and provides great freedom to dogs walking on the lead its a little on the heavy side but well worth it

05/08/14 | gloria thompson

Quality with a capital Q

What a fabulous product so robust and well made.German of course.



We have a newfoundland weighing 48kg at the moment! This lead is brilliant very strong and simple to use.