07/12/18 | Jarek

great product

one of my favorites brushes for our boxer and staffy, good quality and does the job :)

01/10/18 | Martina

Great tool

This brush works wonders on my mix JR coat, it takes away a lot of loosen hair and it's not painful at all for the puppy, on the contrary he likes to be brushed!

05/24/16 | Niamh

My Dog is in Love

This is a great grooming tool for small short haired dogs. My jack chi mix Squiggles loves this. He literally smiles when being groomed.

07/28/15 | Kit

Great for a shiny coat

I have a short haired mixed breed and normal metal combs leave her covered in little skin flakes but this leaves her coat looking really shiny and smooth with no skin irritation! It's good for finishing off my sheltie too. One thing to mention- it doesn't hold on to the fur like a normal comb/brush so you'll end up with hairs all over the floor. I put an old towel down to catch them or else you'll need the hoover handy!!

07/01/15 | Sadie

Really works!

I bought this to comb my little short haired chihuahua. I didn't expect much from the look of it, but it worked excellently and she even enjoys it! I use it on my elderly cat to help deter hair balls and also on the chair she favours.......I also massage my sphynx cats with it when they let me!