02/04/22 | Anna

Destroyed in one hour

My 7 months old Cocker Spaniel destroyed half of the bone within 30 minutes. I know it's a chewing breed, but before you call something long-lasting, maybe you can send it to us for testing?

05/01/20 | Inga

Not interested at all

My 3 months old French bulldog was not interested in this bone at all. At first she grabbed it, palyed with it for a few mintes and now she doesn't pay any attention to it for days. Maybe when she grows a bit older?

09/27/17 | Hani

Not his favourite, but it'll do!

Bought this for my 4 month old pup to chew while his teeth were coming thorough. He's 7 months now and still does use it. It's not his first choice of toy, nor does it capture his attention for very long, but has been well loved and well chewed and it's still holding up!

09/24/17 | Al

It's okay

Our three month old German Shepherd likes it, it's not her fovourite toy, but I think it's just her taste in toys, but I feel like other puppies would love it! She will take it and play with it for a few miniutes if the toy is given to her but normally it wouldn't grab her attention on its own. And I am also quite concerned with the ingestion of plastic with may happen (but hasn't yet because she hasn't men chewing it enough to "break" it)

09/19/17 | gwalker

does what its meant to

Great chew bone, puppy loves it, & it doesn't get destroyed in minuets and does what its meant to for their teeth



This arrived today, with my order, and my 5 month pup was immediately interested and gave it her un-divided attention for nearly an hour ( only stopping to crash out for a nap!!). Brilliant! Smells like a real cooked chocken bone too :)


great product

Excellent product, stopped my puppy chewing the furniture for half an hour!

06/08/14 | Margaret Cockburn

Puppy Teeth

Excellent for these sharp puppy teeth to save furniture,fabric and human fingers and toes alike!

06/08/14 | lisa romeril


Our two cocker spaniels loves these, fab for when they are teething and last forever, fantastic product at a fantastic price.

06/08/14 | elle


Great for puppies who like chewing!

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