01/06/21 | originally published in zooplus.de


Our dog loves his little piggy and it's holding up well after 5 weeks.
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12/19/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Broke straight away

The toy broke almost immediately. The stitching came open.
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10/27/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Bad product

I have a 1.5 year old French Bulldog and this toy didn't even last him 10 minutes until he burst the stitches. Poor product, but maybe it's better for puppies and small dogs.
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Fell apart within a day

Really disappointing the leg fell off after a day, it’s a pity as our pup really liked the toy
10/05/18 | Jagzzz


i got this as a free gift with my rewards points. It lasted my well with my older dog and has now survived a further 14 months of the next labrador puppy! It is great to throw inside the house for fetch games as it is soft and I don't find it damages the wall or furniture if it bounces off them. It washes well in the washing machine and I am buying another as ours has really seem some wonderful play, but after much use is looking a little sad. Brilliant toy!
09/14/18 | Kat

This little piggy...is loved by all

My dogs love this little piggy : ) so much so its who can find it and run off with it first. In fact I may purchase more so they have one each. A brilliant dog toy and practical too for their teeth/gums. It feels amazing to touch too and very cute : )
05/02/18 | Rhian

Favourite But Almost Limbless!

My border collie puppy loves this too much and it is already without 2 limbs and an ear after 10 days. I’ve been careful about taking away the pieces so she doesn’t swallow them. She still plays with it and the inner ball seems robust. Great toy.

Great little toy

As soon as I opened the box, my little dog shot off with this toy. It's great fun for him and he growls at it and chases it around. Good bounce too!
01/23/18 | Marketa Zvelebil

Last well

My dog loves this. And although the soft outside covering has now been chewed off, the inside ball is still going strong and it's fun to play with.
01/10/18 | Martina

One of the arms came off

Unfortunately one of the pig's arms came off after a few days. My dog still loves it but maybe stitches should be more strong as he's a small dog and he didn't break any other of his toys
05/28/17 | Katrina

They haven't torn it up yet!

It's such a reasonably priced too and my little chihuahua enjoys throwing it up and down and running around with it. A lovely toy, which is great value!
11/23/16 | Pauline Humphrey

Legs and ears chewed off immediately!

Bought this for my 4 month old puppy as recommended for chewing but within minutes he'd chewed off a leg and an ear and would have eaten the others if I hadn't taken it away from him. I had to cut the others off so it is basically just a furry ball. Hope puppy likes playing with it anyway!
05/19/15 | Shell

My puppy LOVES his piggy

My puppy loves his piggy and plays with it every day!! its perfect to leave in his bed and he plays with it and it wears him out before bedtime. now that he is getting older he has taken it out of his bed area and has to carry it all over the house. He LOVES his piggy!! So cute and perfect for young, med to large size puppies. Cant wait to get him another one.

Lovely puppy toy

My puppy loves her pig. She can fetch it, chew it, throw it in the air and push it along the floor. She is on her second pig now as next doors dog fell in love with it and took it home with him.

piggy pig is cool

Piggy pig is a cool toy. Labrador and collie both love him. He can bounce really high and is soft enough to play with indoors. He can be mouthed and snuggled and hidden for later. He is cool. A+++
10/30/13 | Adam

Dog loves not indestructable

Dog took to this toy straight away and quickly became her favorite. However it didn't take long for her to chew the ears and limbs of it. Still ended up with a nice spiked rubber ball.

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