Not great for dogs that chew

My Collie loved this ball, he constantly has a ball in his mouth, it’s his “security blanket”. Unfortunately one of my other dogs got hold of it and it was destroyed in minutes! I would say it’s great if your dog is not a chewer, otherwise it won’t last long!

09/08/18 | Lisa Sunderland

Poor squeak

My goldendoodle absolutely loved play with this ball, however the squeak didn’t last a week and then she fell out with it :( I did inform zooplus about the squeak failing and they refunded me £1.50

03/17/17 | Roz Kadir

my patterdale loves it

It's a perfect size and being rubber protects his teeth from the furry tennis ball covering that has been wearing his teeth down. Unfortunately the squeak did not last more than a couple of days.