02/10/22 | T.I

Keeps him occupied

Our puppy couldn’t destroy the snake, although he tried, we put patè in the hole and he tries to get it out but it turned out that the snake is a lot bigger than I expected (I didn’t see the size before I purchased) so it’s impossible for him to reach it, but still he plays with it.


Dog tore it in pieces within the first day

It's not the most durable. My dog loved the texture more than the food inside it and so he just kept on chewing it. By the end of the day, we had multiple separate chunks of it left over that went straight into the bin. 2 stars instead of 1 because maybe it's just my dog an d it is quite cheap.

04/23/20 | Tiah Flynn


Very good toy if you really need too keep your dog occupied for a good bit Took my dog ages too get treats out


Great for treats

Great product at great price