My dog loved this toy

My dog goes through toys within a day and this toy lasted 6 months with minor surgery here and there absolutely going to bull buy these
02/05/18 | Pyxxel

Mixed feelings

I'm not too sure what to think of this toy. We had ordered one a long time ago for our Jack Russell mix and it lasted the longest of all his fluffy toys. It seemed indestructible! Eventually it got too dirty and we replaced it with a new one - which became threadbare after a day or so. Stuffing coming out on day two. Head and tail starting to break off on day four. So maybe it's a quality control issue with the manufacturers?

Christmas present

My dog, an aussiedoodle, got this present a year ago when he was about a year old for Christmas. He loves i!. He chewed off the label, I had another dog who did just that, suspect it is fairly common behaviour. He walks around with it in his mouth and squeeks it a lot. It is still in perfect condition. However, he has had toys made of this material when he was a pup and I found that puppy teeth can pierce some of the threads and it allows the material to unravel. Suggest it for non-pups.
01/25/18 | Corina Fitzsimons

Didn’t last 30 seconds!

Tough? My dog had the stuffing out in less than 30 seconds. Total waste of money 😢
05/13/17 | jane

He fought the good fight.

This little feller lasted 4 whole months. This was a valiant effort against Pom the destroyer.
03/20/17 | B Husband

Still going strong !!

I have a labrador that loves chewing and excels at it. I got this as a free gift over a year ago. Apart from a bit of stitching here and there , it is still in one piece. The best of his toys !!
03/08/17 | Vibeke midlander

Super toy!

Good toy and tougher than the rest!
02/06/17 | Joanne Shaw

Great fun

Bought this at Christmas for my two springers, it lasted until end of January before the youngest (4yrs) managed to chew a hole. Not to be deterred, I pulled out the stuffing and they seem to enjoy this as much as before. I'd say good for fun value they both seem to still love it
10/12/16 | Malcolm Bates

fairly robust

my deerhound plays with this daily, eventually the head started coming off so I stitched it on with waxed thread and it lives a while longer. he loves playing with it....
10/08/16 | Jacqueline McPherson


I bought one a year ago for our Samoyed pup. It has been his favourite toy, being shaken, chased, tugged and chewed dozens of times a day for that year. It is definitely the worse for wear, so I bought him a replacement - he promptly ditched the old for the new and is delighted!
03/12/16 | Martin Underwood

Not for my pup

This lasted less than 10 minutes with my 6 month old Labrador puppy not tough enough toy very disappointed
02/04/16 | zach

Great toy for my Labrador

Been playing tug of war with this for over 2 weeks now and still no damage the sealed seams are great my 2 year old lab rags this toy around like crazy but it's still going strong would recommend.

Very tough and value for money.

This proved to be a favourite over Christmas for both my dogs. It is very well made and has lasted through several bouts of 'tuggie' between them. Very impressed with it's durability and it was on special offer too.


my boxer loves it, she doesn't leave it alone, she has pulled his head played tug of war ect and it is still in tact! her fave toy out of the whole order

Best dog toy ever!

This toy has lasted for ages even being loved by a Labrador. It also goes in the washing machine and comes out like new.
11/12/15 | Abygail Frazer

My dogs best friend

My pooch has has this for 6 months now, and although he is a little battered and bruised she still loves him! Will be buying another one for Christmas, well worth the money!
11/06/15 | Dee Lyons

Good toy

I was a little sceptical when I bought this as my lurcher does like to shred some toys but this one has stood the test of time, it is one of his favourites along with his "crazy squirrel" that zooplus also sell. I purchased 2 as was fostering a puppy also and wanted them to have one each- but they always wanted each others anyway, they survived well and when foster pup went to his new home his racoon went too. Considering getting more to take to the rescue where I work.

Still alive!

I bought this because it was in the sale, as toys in our house don't last too long. The record, twenty seconds to filling all over the house, takes some beating. This toy has survived tug of war, serious attempts at beheading and several dedicated chewing sessions from a Lakeland terrier, so we're pretty impressed. Just wish there were more variations, we'd order another one.
04/22/15 | Len Fox

BEST! Please make this in smaller sizes too??

I bought this toy back in January because it was so cheap in a sale at the time, but to be honest didn't expect much, as one of my dogs is such a tenacious chewer (JRT cross, and once he decides to take a toy apart, he's COMMITTED to the act of savaging it!). I have been so impressed by the quality and endurance of this Raccoon-shaped dog toy, which Benoît spent a whole week attacking from various angles and with a multitude of different approaches in an effort to destroy it, ultimately failing to do more than fray the tough binding around the edges of it. After at least 3.5 months, the little guy has been emptied of a great deal of his stuffing, but that took over 2 months of work on Benoît's part, and having singularly failed to destroy him completely, my dog has developed a certain respect for his new best friend, and now carries his slightly limp--but still entirely recognisable--form around with him EVERYWHERE and at ALL TIMES :). My one tiny gripe is that this toy is only available in a size that is slightly too big for my smallish dog. He doesn't let that stop him toting his raccoon around the house, but I do have to insist on him being handed over to me before Benoît attempts the stairs, as he can catch the tail of the toy under his paws and trip otherwise. Please, Zooplus, have some of these manufactured in a slightly smaller size and I would buy scores of them!

Greyt for tug of war!

Our 2 greys love this toy. Our girl is a expert surgeon of toys usually taking the eyes and nose off first and then de-fluffing. Apart from an amputated ear which I sewed back on, it is surviving well; the squeak is still intact and it has become the most highly prized toy. I need to buy another one so that they have one each! What do you bet that they will still want whatever the other has?!

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