05/13/17 | jane

He fought the good fight.

This little feller lasted 4 whole months. This was a valiant effort against Pom the destroyer.

10/12/16 | Malcolm Bates

fairly robust

my deerhound plays with this daily, eventually the head started coming off so I stitched it on with waxed thread and it lives a while longer. he loves playing with it....


Greyt for tug of war!

Our 2 greys love this toy. Our girl is a expert surgeon of toys usually taking the eyes and nose off first and then de-fluffing. Apart from an amputated ear which I sewed back on, it is surviving well; the squeak is still intact and it has become the most highly prized toy. I need to buy another one so that they have one each! What do you bet that they will still want whatever the other has?!

06/13/14 | Sue E

Very durable

This is a tuff toy although it is not as popular as the plush "road-kill" type toys we have. My dogs seem more attracted to the soft floppy "dead-rabbit-like" toys which squeak very easily. This one requires a firm bite on the correct spot to make it squeak. Still, it has lasted a lot longer than the furry skins, so quite good value.