04/19/21 | Paula

My gsd loves this

This is my german shepherds fav snack, sooo crunchy. It lasts 2 seconds but she loves it.

11/19/15 | Julie

one of there favourite treats

my dogs love these treat . they have a strong smell but when the treats gone so has smell lol

05/20/15 | Karen Fraser

Top Quality Treat

My Labrador LOVES these! Stuffed inside a Kong, keeps him happy for about 10 minutes.... well .. he is a Lab ! He also really loves the Premium Bavarian Cow's Ears, also available on this site... they keep him going for about 20 mins.


Puppy loves it!

This product has got to be one of my puppy's favourite treats. It may be due to the very strong smell, which fortunately goes away after consumption. I stuff it in a Kong to make it last longer. Otherwise she would finish it in about 5 minutes.