11/07/18 | Rebecca wass

Number one treat

Whenever I buy these i have a very happy boy they don't last long but he loves them also my mum's dog goes mad for these too


These are the absolute number one chewy treat in this household.

We have tried all sorts of natural chewy treats and nothing comes close to these. The filling isn't of great composition, and I wish they didn't contain wheat, however my dogs are luckily not too sensitive to it. The filling is generally gone within the hour when I first give these out, but the hooves themselves last my lurchers weeks! They're hard enough to prove a real challenge to chew, yet stinky enough that they dogs stay interested right to the end. Great for teething pups, too!

06/06/13 | Eva

Mad about hoofs

My greyhound loves these! Since my borzoi is allergic to gluten I buy the empty ones and fill them for him with home made paste, but they just love licking the filling out! The smell is there, but not as bad, so give it a try!