11/14/21 | Andrea Dowling

Happy dog

First time trying these and my dog seems to love them.. Must lick my hand after she eats the treat. She has colitis and can't have much other than her food or else she gets a dodgy tummy but these seem to agree with her

09/02/21 | Shay Leon

Most times both dogs will ignore it

and they love everything else, Cucumbers, vegan sausages, carrots, nuts, but most time they will not touch this "treats". On a rare occasion that they do - it's like they are doing me a favour.

08/25/21 | Shay Leon

Finally found something that my dog wouldn't even touch

My dog eats EVERYTHING, his food, cucumbers, nuts... but he barely smelled this thing for a second before turning away from it. It's the worst treat ever.

08/25/21 | Shay Leon

My 3rd review for the product...

First I gave it to Fuffy and he completely snubbed it, so i thought the product is rubbish. After that I gave it to Cinnamon who was interested in it. A few hours later and Fuffy is also eating it, so pretty good despite the bad start.