Very good treat for training.
12/04/17 | Vera

Loved by the dogs and useful to disguise tablets

I use these for training and general reward as the dogs love it. They are also useful to smother tsblets/capsules in so the dogs don't mind d taking them.
07/27/17 | Y Thomas


I've only used it for training in the past and they'd do anything for it so when I got some "palatable" (ha ha) antibiotics that my lab wouldn't take I tried hiding them in this. I used the meat version hid the medication in them and made it into a ball. Went straight down no problem. Giving unpalatable tablets is so easy using this. Haven't tried hiding the Drontal in it so far but as my dogs are XL will be trying it when it's due as they really dislike them.

Tasty Treat!

This is a great treat to take out and about on walks and for training as it is less fiddly than handing dog biscuits. Weimaraner goes crazy for this. It's also great to use as stuffing in Kongs/hollow bones. I've had no problems with the tube. When it's nearly empty I'll cut the end off and scrape out the inside so it doesn't go to waste. Highly recommended A++++++++
09/28/16 | Iona

Great stuff

My pup absolutely LOVES it! I use it for potty training, it's clean and easy to carry in the pocket.

Excellent for travel too

we have a fussy Bichon who does not eat kibble by itself, and I find that smearing Tubidog around his dish before putting in the kibble makes the entire meal go easily. It is clean and easy to transport though the thread on the cap is not easy to align. Unfortunately I cannot buy it from Zooplus because I do not agree to their using my data.

Love this, so does my Staffie!

Our elderly Staffie is on supplements (Glycoflex) and medication (Metacam) , neither of which taste nice , apparently. Mixed with a generous squeeze of this product and no problem. And so easy and clean to use. Love it!

Highly Recommended

Great for training, all our dogs love this! High quality product at a great price, overall 5*

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