08/25/21 | O. Hiekka

My cat lives them!

Very meaty, but smell like fish! However, my cat really loves them!
04/06/18 | Ashleigh

These are amazing

Both my cats absolutely love them. Very clean, packaging is lovely and they're a pleasure to use. A treats staple in our household.

Cat loved it!

First time to try this product. Cat absolutely loved it. It's soft enough to break it into smaller pieces for cat to chew.

my fussy kitty loves them

easy to break or cut into smaller pieces, not as tough as some other dried treats
02/22/15 | Yufan

Kitten absolutely loves these

Though my kitten's little mouth finds these a little big, he will power through and eat every morsel as he loves them so much. I'm going to start cutting them up smaller until he grows up so no danger. And I like them as they're 100% meat with no fillers, unlike most treats.
10/29/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Cherished Chewy Treat

Initially, both of my cats and my parents' dog refused this snack. But after repeatedly trying to feed them, my cats took the treats and soon they were crazy for them. I like to cut the treats up into two or three pieces so that they last a little longer!
06/15/14 | Kimberly Martin


Both my kitties love these. We keep them in an airtight container to keep them soft. The kitties come running at the sound of the tub and will then run off with one in their mouths or steal each others if they're not quick enough. Fully recommend.

My cat seems to like them

Bought these as I am keen for my cat, who is fed solely on meat, to eat chewy treats to held keep her teeth clean. She seems to enjoy them but I think she would prefer treats like Whiskas and Dreamies given the choice.
11/28/12 | Kat fox

So good they growl when they get one!

Again they weren't sure at first but now they love them and try to steel them, can be cut in half for small kitties.
09/10/12 | jillcb

Cat and Dogs both like

The dogs thought these were nice and different to their usual treats. Nice that they are a low fat treat. The cat loved them too but I had to cut them down into smaller pieces for him. If they were too big, he just threw them to the dogs. Saying that, he did ask for more which is unusual for him as he is a very fussy eater. A nice thing from the owners point of view is that the smell in the packet was mild, too many have an over powering smell when you open them up. Definitely a 5 star treat for dogs and cats alike.
09/06/12 | Sally's Slave

You will believe a cat can beg!

I have never seen anything like it. The cat that normally treats us with complete distain was actually begging for more of these. Lucky they are low fat as we have to hide them or she would eat the lot!
01/16/11 | kb

Great for training

Smaller than i expected from looking at the picture but the dogs do go mad for them and they are ideal for training
01/07/11 | Green Vangogh

hunting game

Since the texture is hard to chew, my kitten has turned this treat to a hunting game. he plays with it for a long hour,fetch and drop, really funny to watch!and he finally eats it.

real treat

my young tiger would murder for this
11/20/10 | Shiun

delicious chicken

Yes I have a tiny taste and they are delicious. My dogs love them !

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