09/12/22 | Sabrina
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Our dogs love these

These are the only dog treats my dogs love. The price for them are very reasonable too.
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Silas chew wrap

My dog loved these chews and went to sit at the press every morning waiting for it! He now turns his nose up at other varieties!
07/05/21 | Hannah
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Great price and tasty treats

These are the treats my girls get one each night when we're settling down. They are fussy German Shepherds and absolutely love these. They only take 2 or so minutes for them to eat ..all of my friends come to visit bring their dogs with them and I've never had a dog turn their nose up to these! Great big pack same as chicken variety (probably around 20 sticks per pack)
05/02/18 | Pyxxel
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Only for strong jaws

Our Jack Russel mix gives up on these once the outer layer has been nibbled off. His jaws are not too strong so he doesn't fancy anything rawhide-based. However I've seen both a Yorkshire and another JRT getting busy with these - they have very different tempers, the Yorkie is rather quiet but loves chewing these to bits (with great patience) while the other Jack Russell is usually extremely hyper but sits down with these and it keeps him busy for quite some time - his jaws are much stronger.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Great product

A nice rawhide chew with a good amount of dried duck on the outside. They keep my chewer happy for a decent amount of time!