06/11/14 | Mary Bright

These are a must

Our 9 year old Schitzu's have perfect teeth, one a day keeps the Vet away.
06/11/14 | Duncan and Rosie

Used for as long as we can remember

We have given these to our dogs for as long as we can remember, they love them and they help with their teeth too. Generally we buy either these dentastix or the new fresh dentastix in the market. It's a great treat for our dogs as well as the added benefits. It's from a well known company so you know it's trustworthy. Highly recommended :-)
06/09/14 | Cat Gifford

my girls love dentastix!

My two springer spaniels love Dentastix! They hear the packet being opened even when they're not in the same room and immediately come and sit perfectly at my feet, waiting for their daily treat! Dentastix are perfect for keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

Dental Care

We use 'Dentastix' for our dog to promote his dental care, he loves them, ordering from Zooplus is great, we get the best price and the delivery times are superb. Zooplus is our preferred supplier for all our dogs needs.
10/15/12 | Nik

Surprisingly good

Our two black labs are 8 months and 5 years old, and have small and large Denta Stix respectively. The dogs destroy them very quickly, and within 20 seconds they're gone - they certainly aren't treats that go on and on, contrary to the TV ads' claims. I was at first very sceptical that they would have any benefit whatsoever, and had intended to run the boxes down using them as treats and training rewards, before switching to something a bit smaller (and therefore cheaper). However, well before the boxes were half-used, we noticed that plaque on the older dog's canines and molars was greatly reduced, so have decided to continue using them as a one-a-day treat. The dogs get their Denta Stix in addition to their normal amount of food, and this has not adversely affected the weight of the older dog (an un-neutered male). They rarely have other treats, however. Ultimately, the dogs adore them, they're not too expensive, and they do seem to do their job. I would expect faster results with dogs that chew them instead of inhaling them!
09/12/12 | Audrey


We have actually found these to be quite beneficial to our golden retriever's teeth- would highly recommend it!
09/06/12 | David

Dog Health

These are the best price around..our 2 dogs love them..and wait patiently for there morning treat, and teeth clean.will order them again soon..
06/15/12 | Heather

A Must Have

We give Jerry one a day and the reduction in plaque is clearly visiable, we have tried another brand but the plaque started returning we went back to dentastix and it immediately started to reduce again within 3-4 days.
06/01/12 | Caroline

Brushing your teeth was never sooo good!!!

The dog equivalent to catnip I think! We have two dogs, labrador/collie cross-16 months old at time of writing. They love these things. They only last about 1 to 2 minutes so, not a boredom buster but an indulgent treat they are and they smell ok!

DentaStix for healthy teeth

My Dobermann loves DentaStix. he has one every evening at about 9pm. They really help to keep his teeth white and clean.
01/22/12 | Jennifer

My beagle loves these

My beagle is one of the pickiest dogs ever, but she absolutly loves these. Would recommend them
05/24/11 | Mary Ellen O Keeffe

Good Idea, just wish it had better ingredients.

These are great idea, and my Boxer loves them, i'm just not crazy about the ingredients. The main of which is corn, not a staple of a canine diet and dogs actually have a tough time digesting it. Then of course there are the vegetable and meat by-products, not really sure what they are but they don't sound too healthy to me. If they had higher quality ingredients my lad would be getting these all the time.

Excellent product

My vet was concerned that both my dogs' teeth were getting coated with plaque and suggested that I gave them raw meat bones to chew on to solve the problem, otherwise he said they would have to be anesthetized so that he could scrape their teeth clean. The dogs loved the bones, but kept hiding them all round the house, under beds, cushions and anywhere else they could find, which was far from hygienic so we tried Pedigree Denta Stix instead, with excellent results. I give them one each every day after their dinner and the dogs (who are very fussy about treats) absolutely love them. Their teeth are now fine and the plaque is just about all gone so the vet, the dogs and I are all very happy!
01/04/11 | Elaine Wilson

Doggone Good

Penny my Tibetan Terrier is twelve years old.She has perfact teeth and gums which I put down to her regular Denta Stix. There's never a problem getting her back inside the house after her morning walk with this treat to look forward to!

positively addictive!

Our Labrador Retriever's only reason to get up in the morning is a DentaStix! He would not even look at the food in his bowl and sit in front of the cabinet where we store the DentaStix and pester us until he got one. His teeth are extremely white and his breath is fine.
06/03/09 | Jill Garrett

Dentastix...or DentaFIX

We have a retired Greyhound, she absolutely loves them...she has one every morning after she has been out and done her business...not sure how long it should last, but she gets through them in seconds...we call them her morning "DentaFIX"
09/14/08 | Pam


I have three dogs ranging from a cocker spaniel, Rottie and Masstiff all of them love these and i can't get them out of the packet quick enough, they have them just before i go off to work so they are quite happy when i leave. Good for the teeth when they are not so keen on the toothbrush.
08/09/08 | Mildewhouse Pack


What is in these that makes even the dogs that don't get very excited about any other treat go ecstatic when it is dentastix time. Our English Springer Spaniel cannot rest until she has had hers. The two Irish red setters and the multi-pedigree black dog also come running and give undivided attention. The only problem is that with four dogs we go through them so quickly. It was great to find Zooplus who sell them for such a great price.
07/10/07 | Tracey

Healthy Teeth & Fresh Breath

I have 3 Cocker Spaniels and their Dentastix are the highlight of their night, just before bedtime, they absolutely love them! As well as the great taste, the dogs all have healthy white teeth & fresh breath - I would highly recommend them as a daily treat.
01/25/07 | Sarah

Hollywood White Teeth!

I have two whippets who love their Dentastix. They expect their treat every evening after a last tiddle. They both have beautiful white teeth, a vet remarked upon it during their last check up. A must have for any dog I'd say and I'm positive they'd agree.

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