03/17/18 | Mrs.Maria Vittoria Cavina Saporetti

Wellbeloved turkey and rice

Thank You for this product that 's perfect for all the dogs of us, small and delicate. We take care of 1 west highland 14 years old; 2 shi tzu 12 years old and 1 shih tzu 2 years old. All of them feel better with Your "turkey and rice" than with every else product eat before.
04/03/17 | sue

cured his sensitive tummy

my labrador has an unfortunately sensitive stomach but he has never had any problem with the james welbeloved (that is, unless he supplements his meals with the odd sock or strawberry gateau!). it is also enjoyed by my husky cross. she does not need the sensitive food but i feed them the same for the sake of simplicity, and peace of mind that they are both getting a nutritious diet

Great food at a good price

Our two pointers love their food. What's good about this food is the fact it produces less waste.
02/05/17 | Ian

Value for money

Best food for your dogs and well worth the money. All my dogs love this food
07/03/16 | Cherelle cutler

Excellent for husky owners

We have had are husky girl for 2 years and tried loads bends expensive not so came across this last week for her to try as she is so fussy and won't eat much she now has 3 cups a day and she is a very happy dog and loves it currently on turkey and rice thinking of buying a sack Now as she loves it so much !!!
02/25/16 | Tracy

Hulks improvement

Ive had my Dogue de Bordeaux Hulk on this for over 6 months now changing from another popular brand the change in his skin has been amazing and genera health is fab. really recommend this
11/08/15 | Patricia Heywood

Fabulous food

I've used James Wellbeloved food longer than I care to admit and I think it's the best. I've had 15 dogs in my lifetime (have 3 now) and I think exercise, good food and love have helped give all my dogs long and happy lives. It isn't the cheapest food but thanks to the prices ar Zooplus I am paying less now than I was from a pet shop 10 years ago. I truly believe that feeding this food keeps vets bills down and I would always highly recommend it.
10/23/15 | Arlyn

One healthy dog

Our rescue dog has been on the JL dried food since we had her at around 4 months old. Puppy, adult, now senior at 11 years old. She has been consistently healthy and still plenty of energy. Also no signs yet of joint stiffness. I buy the 15kg in different flavours and she can't wait to eat it each time. Thank you James Wellbeloved!
07/18/15 | S Houghton

old lab.

Our black lab is 13plus, had problems with his poos, lots of vet bills, our vet suggested we try James Wellbeloved, what a difference this has made,zooplus excellent service thank you.

Best dog food ever

We have been using James Beloved for our dogs for 15 years. Keeps their coats soft and glossy and our dogs healthy. The dogs love it! We live in Spain and cannot buy the product here so we always purchase it from Zooplus they deliver it to us in Spain.
02/04/15 | Michael Arthur

fresh air

We have a lab x called Persie a rescue who settled in well the only lasting problem . Persie could clear a room faster than a stink bomb , and the problem was worsening every 3 or 4 minutes. In desperation we changed his food from soya to James Wellbeloved , problem over ,,,,, that simple .

Indeed 'Well Beloved' by my dog

Excellent dog food for my dog...been feeding him with this since he was 8 and he'll be 12 in a couple of months from now. Shiny coat, perfect weight (was 35.2 kg when he was 9 and is 28.8 kgs now), active body for a lab of his age. Bottomline is - an amazing product that ticks all the boxes. After all you get what you pay for. If possible I'd take a lifetime membership of this dog food for all my current and future canine needs!!
11/08/14 | Samantha


Hi customers, this dry dog food is brilliant, my Dog really loves the Turkey and Rice and white Fish and Rice she loves all of this range I have tried other foods but she was not so keen so her favorite food is James. I have decided to keep my dog on this food for Life and she never Looses weight she stays the same so shes never under or over and she never suffers any bloat as some foods do contain too much of certain ingredients well as the James has just the correct balance of protine and everything else I highly reccomend this food Thank you

changed my dogs food., and what a difference.

changed my dogs food after my friend gave my dog some james wellbeloved while watching him 4 the day,he loves it,and his behavour has improved,he poos twice aday instead of 4 times aday now, his whole demeamor has changed,hes a perfect dog,and he loves his food,thanks to james wellbeloved.
06/11/14 | Nicole Blount


This has to be the best product available for dogs, I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and both get very 'funny' tummies when fed anything other than James Wellbeloved. I would not choose anything else and would recommend to anybody.These big bags are excellent value too and I can't find it cheaper anywhere else!
06/10/14 | Elaine Greenhalgh

Stopped my dogs colitis

My puppy was diagnosed with colitis when she was 6 mouths, its been hard work getting a good food that didnt give her the ruins. I started ordering James wellbeloved junior turkey and rice and wow!!! after a month she was great, not perfect, but she will never have great gutts, but with this food, i can pick up her mess on walks without making a mess, doing it. Would recommend this for any gut problems in dogs, it does take a few weeks to work.

Super food

Our 3 older dogs love this food. They all look great with super coat, good teeth and loads of energy despite our huge cross rottie being nearly 10 years old. Still acts like a puppy! Would highly recommend as also very low in protein.
06/08/14 | Debra Soper

Value for money

This biscuit is superb for dogs with sensitive skin. I used to buy it from pets at home at £58 per 15k bag. Now I buy it from Zooplus at £80 for two 15k bags - great value for money Zooplus!
03/02/14 | jane hamilton

very pleased with this food

02/09/14 | Linda

Beautiful coat

We have two dogs, one small and one large. Borh dogs have always been fed on James wellbeloved since puppies. They never appear to have bad tummies and their coats are so shiny and beautifully soft. I would truly recommend this product above any other.

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