07/16/18 | Marags

smelly wind!!

i think the composition is perfect, but for some reason, our labradoodle started to have terrible wind since starting on this food. apart from that everything is fine


I read all the great reviews and hoped that this would work on my dogs also. Unfortunately my both dogs had a diarrhea from this feed and never had solid feces for a month that I fed them this. Their fur were in very good condition before eating this feed but now they are really dry and dull looking.
08/22/15 | Michelle

Been Using for Over Two Years Now; At Least As Good as Orijen, But For Much Less

I first bought Nutrivet over 2 1/2 years ago, as a backup when my usual Orijen variety was out of stock. I was so impressed with the quality of the food that I've never gone back to Orijen. Nutrivet is at least as good as Orijen (a look at the list of ingredients confirms this) and it costs me €20 less a bag. We have a Jack Russell and a Corgi/Collie mix. Both dogs love it, and they gets loads of compliments on what lovely, glossy coats they have. One bag lasts us about six weeks. It's money very well spent.
05/03/15 | Lynda Macdonald


I moved both my golden retriever on to grain-free about 6 months ago. I used to buy a decent kibble but still felt it was full of cheap bulker like rice and I wanted them to have more protein and less carbs. To be truthful I mix a SMALL bit of Rocco Sensible meat in with the biscuits so it still has an appealing smell for them. Both dogs still eat the full bowl first time and I use less than I used to. Poos are very dark but not slimy or runny like before. I can't understand why anyone would pay up to £80 for certain other grain free dry food when this is as good for £33. I'm a dog walker who specialises in gun/high-energy dogs (all labs, retrievers and springers) and I've converted 3 of my customers to this food and those are people who were previously buying rubbish like Chappie. I'll not change from this food now.
11/25/14 | Phillip


This dry dog food is the business. I have tried over 15 brands and this is the best for my dog Jazzy ( Doberman ) Her coat is superb, her poos solid, compact and small, she woofs it down so fast and then cries for more. Quality food at a great price from Zooplus. Highly recommended
06/24/13 | Azu

The Best dog food so far

Highly recommend to anyone who is feeding expensive brands like Orijen, TOTW, Acana, Purizon or Eden. This is fantastic overall.Only the one downside is my dog dont want to eat any other food :))
12/03/12 | GITTA HIBBERT



Fantastic grain free food

I've tried practically every grain free food on the market and having settled on Taste of the Wild for my three dogs (two of which have a very sensitive stomach) I tried Nutrivet when zooplus first started selling it just to compare it. I've been really impressed with Nutrivet and I have found the Energetic & Nutritional variety particularly good as my dogs who suffer with digestive issues also struggle to keep weight on but this is not an issue with this food and they keep the weight on really well, even on relatively low portion amounts (they do better on smaller meals more often). My youngest dog is a working bred collie who does a lot of activities, including competitive flyball and he has been in great condition since being on this food - shiny coat, lean and well muscled. I wouldn't recommend this variety of Nutrivet to dogs who are prone to gaining weight and I don't feed it to my terrier as she just gains way too much weight on it. She gets the normal Nutrivet chicken variety or the fish one. My dogs don't eat Nutrivet every day, they are mainly raw fed but Nutrivet is a great dry alternative for taking away to competitions or on holidays when we can't transport raw food or for days when I've forgotten to defrost some raw food. Some of my friends have said that they wouldn't feed such a high protein food to their dogs as it would make them hyper but I've got to say that I've had no such problems with my dogs and so long as you stick to the variety suited to your dog (i.e. energetic & nutrional for high activity or working dogs) I think it would be ok for most dogs.
07/31/12 | Sarah Johnson

As good as the expensive stuff...

I have been feeding my 2 cockers (1 working and 1 American) on this for a while now. As good as Orijen and much cheaper. It's economical as they don't need as much as the cheaper alternatives and they haven't gone off it ever. I have done a lot of research into protein versus fat versus grain or addititives and this seems excellent value for money and one of the best kibble diets you can find as an alternative to raw (BARF). As a dog walker I sometimes have to feed my clients dogs and even the fussiest eater loves this stuff. I recommend it to all my owners. If you love your dog and it's welfare, this food is a great way to show you care about what they are eating.
04/26/12 | Geo

Excellent alternative to Orijen

This grain-free, high protein food is a real treasure and a perfect replacement for the more expensive Orijen food. Worth a try!
04/17/12 | Raph

the best

excellent grain-free kibble manufactured in France, only downside, the price remains too high ...

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