06/27/18 | Daphne

Excelent product!!

It is the best food for bulldogs.

06/22/18 | Frances


Great food my bully loves it doesn’t give him wind or bad breath like most of the other dogs food give him he likes it so it’s great

05/10/18 | Seana Foster

The best food for bullies

A really good all round food for bulldogs . My two love it and look good on it . They have no windy pops which is a bonus

03/08/18 | Anthony Rushton

Good all round food

My bully had a problem with his skin and coat been on thus 5 weeks and wow he's nearly back to normal much better skin and coat would highly recommend

03/05/18 | J.Tait

Great food for Bulldogs

Gives good glossy coat and good digestive health. Would recommend.


Bulldog dry food

I have bought this food for the last 18 months and can honestly say it is brilliant. Bella really enjoys it and she has had no skin complaints.

01/13/18 | Duncan Wharton

Great food but very Misleading Offer

I felt that the 'OFFER' you had on this product was very misleading "Large Bags Royal Canin Breed Dry Dog Food + 2/ 2.5kg Free!*". I was expecting 2X2.5kg bags free, but instead received a 14kg bag! Apparently the offer is you buy a 12kg bag and get 2kg free making it a 14kg bag. What is most annoying is that printed on the bag in BIG letters is "+2kg = 14kg free gratis", think you should have had a photo of this bag on the web page, very clever marketing on your behalf.

11/24/17 | Jonny

Bruce’s food

After taking on a 4yr old bulldog called Bruce he had a dodgey tummy after a couple of days on Royal Canin his tummy has got a lot better and trumps a lot less zoo plus will be the only place I will order from cheap realible and really well packed food thanks


Great food!

My bulldog loves this food. His coat is so shiny and his skin is good too. This food also makes my dogs stool solid which previous food brands didn't. Great value for money too!

09/08/17 | aaditya

Best Products for dog

this is the best product in the markets. good for dog health and diets also. and prices of the product is also resonable

08/07/17 | Gary Fielding

Top Quality Dog Food

I have 3 young Bulldogs and 1 senior Boxer of 13yrs old 1. Bulldog 6 mths old on Junior 2. Bulldog 2yrs old on Adult 3. Bulldog 4yrs old on Adult 4. Boxer 13yrs old fed on Royal Canin Boxer Adult. All 4 dogs are mega healthy perfect coats and skin, normal stools with no smell and no wind.

03/17/17 | Lynn Jowitt

My handsome dog Henry

My black Labrador Henry is 18 months old. I fed him on junior labrador kibble until 3 months ago and then moved onto adult kibble. He is an absolute picture of good health and I am always receiving comments on how glossy his coat is. I attribute this to the food he eats and to good care of course.

02/25/17 | Jason


Great food and great, fast delivery service. My bully has a great coat, and great skin. No rashes whatsoever. His digestion is slso very good, and he tarely suffers with wind.

11/30/16 | Angela

Super food

my bully Reggie is 5 and as always had this food no wind problems and his coat is beautiful. I always tell people about Royal canin . And always buy from zooplus

08/14/16 | Julie

Simply the best!

My bully is in her 9th year. This is perfect for the bulldog digestion. No wind problems and excellent condition

07/12/15 | Stacey

Excellent product!

My lab has been on this food since a puppy. He has stomach problems and this food has been perfect for him. His coat is very shiny. Brilliant product.

05/28/15 | Trish

Superb food

My lab has been on this food since he was a puppy. Basically, it does exactly as it says on the tin. Or in this case the bag. Definitely recommend.

04/02/15 | ian d

Top Quality

my bully has been on this brand since birth and the results have proven very much a defo 100% recommendation

04/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

the only food for bulldogs

Marvellous ! Shiny coat, healthy skin and good digestion. Wouldn't hesitate to buy this again.

03/25/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

balanced food

I've always given my british bulldog Royal Canin. He had the Junior until he was 1 year old and then the Adult version after that. He's about to turn 3 and has never had a single problem with his digesion or with wind.. This is an excellent product, maybe a bit pricey, but it saves on vets bills. I would recommend this to all bulldog owners.

*RRP= Recommended Retail Price ** Conditions apply

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