01/24/12 | Sandi


I had my 8 week old puppy on Naturediet wet food and he doesn't like it, even after 2 weeks. But he loves Royal Canin Mini Junior pellets! Munches them down (and he has to be quick, because the cat loves them too!). Royal Canin Mini Junior has very good reviews on this site, ingredients that seem OK, and it comes highly recommended by my vet. Othello (the puppy), will be pleased when he is finally on to RC M J only, I think, even though a pellets only diet seems so dry and boring to me! Hey ho, it is the dog eating them, not me, and the right balance of ingredients for a growing puppy is what counts! Given 4 stars because only just changing over, so we will see how we go. I have something nagging at the back of my mind about Royal Canin food that was not complimentary. Do any fellow animal lovers know what that might be?