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Excellent quality, kibble size suits my 2 adult chihuahuas a bit better than the adult versions but they enjoy either. Both are healthy and lively, stools solid and almost odourless. Would have a hard time changing to any other brand.
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Consistently good dog food

Our dog started having Taste of the Wild when we lived in the US. Her health is amazing and she never has bowel issues or weight problems. Highly recommend!
11/11/17 | Maxine
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Fantastic food for my 2 bulldogs they love it will defo be reordering
17/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.es
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My puppy came into my life with halitosis, but changing to Taste of the Wild made it vanish completely. I even tried switching back to another Mercadonna food and it returned, so from now on I won't be putting that to the test again. Taste of the Wild for ever!!!!
13/05/16 | Diana
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Very good .

Switched to this food because my frenchies had allergy on Royal Cannin . This is Grain free so did the trick for my dogs . Happy doggies
22/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.es
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He likes it

Good food, my dog likes it, although it is true that labradors are a bit greedy, but he likes eating it and it's doing him good, which is the most important of all. I usually order the salmon one, but I tried this flavour last time to mix things up a bit and he still loves it. Highly recommended. And now that they have the smaller bags, you can try them first before you make a big commitment and buy the large one.
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My dog loves it and he is growing quickly. Since switching to this food, I can rest assured that my dog is getting the best possible nutrition. Highly recommended
20/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Very good

This is the best food, my boston terriers eat it with gusto
15/02/16 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Good food, he likes and digests it well

I bought this a little anxiously, as my 5 month old labrador puppy had been eating Royal Canin Labrador and Ultimate Puppy Medium Maxi beforehand. Price being fairly similar, I started to gradually mix this in, upping the percentage over 2 or 3 weeks. No problems whatsoever, stools are firm and he can't get enough of the food...he really likes it. He never used to eat the recommended daily amount of the Royal Canin or Ultimate, I always had to egg him on. Now, he's eating even more than he should
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Ideal for my puppy

He goes nuts, and hasn't said a thing about the change between this and the former brand.
24/09/15 | Vanessa
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Fantastic food

My black lab loves this food and he is not a big eater . Within days of changing to this his coat started to shine . He looks lovely and healthy and glowing and people always ask how is coat is so shiny . I tell them it's this food , the difference is huge . Great company too
12/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Doesn't get better than this......

I've got a litte fussy fluff ball and a big dog with pronounced grain intolerance. I gave them Sierra Mountain and High Prairie Puppy; I had to take the puppy one because the adult version has chicken in it, which doesn't at all agree with my little one. Me and the dogs are absolutely amazed!!!! Other brands like Orijen and Arcana are too fatty for my dogs' activity levels. But this is something I can keep on feeding my dogs!! Just great!!! Wonderful value for money; as always with ZOOPLUS!!!
17/11/14 | Ajay
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The best for my huskies

this is by far the only food my huskies love eating. I have tried all the flavours - and I wouldn't change back to any other food.
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Excellent quality puppy food

Very good quality food. Our Large labradoodle puppy loves this. Although a bit pricey well worth it
25/05/14 | Lilian
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very good quality puppy food!

I am so glad that zooplus finally introduced in TOTW's puppy food. I had to purchase from other online shop for my standard schnauzer before. This is one of the best quality puppy food your can find, my dog loves it very much.