18/07/22 | Kate
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Perfect for Kittens

This brush is excellent for training kittens to be brushed. It’s soft so it doesn’t hurt their skin, but it brushes their fur well.
23/10/18 | Helen
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Best brush ever - took months to find

for my very nervous/frightened 15 yo blue Rescue girl who spent 7 weeks in hiding and was biting+scratching until a lovely Healer worked on her. H e said she had been abused - which didnt occur to me as had Rescues for over 30 years. I had looked everywhere for a softish brush (not hard) and so relieved when this arrived - as she lets me do anything with it. Fosters said the chip shpwed she was lost @ 1yr old & never got back to owners, & suspect she was stray for a long while. More settled
07/06/17 | Sue, Beighton
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Great for elderly or frail cats

I'm so pleased I bought this lovely little brush. It's exactly what I wanted - and an incredible bargain! It's very pleasant to use and my elderly cat seems to really enjoy and appreciate a light preening session with the soft, comfortable bristles. For elderly or frail cats who need careful, gentle grooming this little brush is ideal. Thank you Zooplus - another winner!
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Soft brush

Our cat loves this brush. Yes it makes the fur static if you brush her too often with it but that's what she seems to enjoy :) She always purrs very loud when we use this brush and she seems to think her mummy cleans her fur. I would recommend it.
13/10/14 | Alastair
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Lovely soft brush

We wanted a really soft brush for our little kitten Bodhi and this has fitted the bill perfectly. I imagine we may need something stiffer once he grows up a bit but whilst he's little this is perfect, he loves being brushed my it as well.