04/28/22 | Tony st leger

One of the best

My German pointers and English setters and Irish water spaniel are fed on this it's eating very fast they love it a great food at a great price there fur and skin never were so good and solid stools great job for my hunting dogs

08/02/17 | Tammy


Have a 4 month old lab puppy and thought after reading the reviews we would give this a try. He is growing well and enjoys this food, it is good value for money. However we are now switching him back to the food he was originally on which is more expensive because he stinks and I mean he can clear a room in seconds.

03/20/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good food

Our American Akita bitch (7 months) accepts this food very well. We have been feeding her it since she was 4 months. She is constantly growing, has a super-thick glossy coat and her stool is not enormous. Her bowl is always emptied clean. We can recommend it.

03/01/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super food for our Bernese Mountain Dog - Labrador males

We feed Bosch Maxi Junior to our Bernese Mountain Dog - Labrador cross since we adopted him at 12 weeks. He liked the food straight away and his "breeder" was already feeing him this food. Neither we nor our dog have every had any problems with intolerances or similar. The croquettes are of a good size and shape, large enough that the dog has to chew them but not so large that he has to chew forever. The price is great for a branded food.

02/20/17 | Sophie Evans

Highly recommend

My 6 month old german shepherd loved it. He seems stronger after being on this food and his coat has become a lot shiner and smoother. Good value for money


Bullmastiffs love it

I have 2 very large Bullmastiffs who love this,fed twice a day they are content and are growing at a steady rate,they just love it,tried others but they just didn't like


Very satisfied

I have been feeding Maxi Junior to my English Pointer puppies from the start. He is a very active dog with very high energy conversion. In Bosch Maxi we have finally found a food on which he does not lose weight, but rather grows at a steady rate without having to eat enormous amounts. We will continue to feed him this food for his first year of life.

10/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super well accepted

My Irish Wolfhound is now 6 months old, when we got him age 3 months he was on Happy Dog and we converted him immediately to Bosch. He eats it really quickly and it must taste delicious!

09/30/16 | Yvonne Thomas

Dogs like it and I like the price

I tried this and like other reviewer was sceptical. I tried 4 higher priced brands for my two labrahound puppies and always had they had runny stools. Introduced this over a two week period 5 months ago and never looked back. Beautiful coats, growing well, super bone structure and vets are always impressed with their condition including steady weight gain and developed much better than their siblings. Just changed Recently changed my adult lab to it and it has even calmed him down a bit-bonus!


Very satisfied

We breed Labrador Retrievers and are very satisfied with this Bosch food (also for our size). The supplementary food works super well and the puppies accept it really well.

05/12/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super treat

My 10 week old German Shepherd Dog Rani is crazy about the stuff. The food changeover was very simple. In the beginning she had lots of wind and I'm sure everyone here knows that it doesn't exactly smell of strawberries! Since I have been feeding Bosch Maxi Junior things are great, without the need for nose clips! She isn't hyped up but she has never had enough! However, that isn't Bosch's fault. We can only recommend it, because she has to chew it.


Good quality, our dog eats it really well

I have been feeding Bosch Junior Maxi for some time and my dog accepts it very well. He is now seven months old and is just as happy with it. We will be staying on it.

02/19/16 | Elaine


My Newfoundland x littles the food but I found it very powdery, had a lot of waste

01/28/14 | Serban Paulescu

Very good quality for the price

The previous reviewers raved how their dogs love this food, my dog doesn't like it as much as others but she looks healthy, has a shiny coat and well formed poo. I find this product to be great quality at a reasonable price.

12/17/13 | Jules


I tried several more expensive/well known brands before trying this food for my two German Shepherds. I was sceptical at first as I'd never heard of it before, but...They had clean bowls at every meal and you could see they loved every bite. Their coats are beautiful and shiny, their joints are good and their poo is well formed and easy to pick up. People comment all the time on how beautiful and healthy my dogs look and I can honestly say I think it's due to this food. I've now moved them onto the adult varieties of this brand and have to say I'm just as impressed with these. I can't recommend this product enough! What a hidden gem.

09/05/13 | andi jackson


I got this for my GSD puppy, as the other premium food he was on wasn't suitable for him, he couldn't digest it properly which lead to him start eating his pooh & not gaining weight, I introduced him to this Bosch food over the course of 2 weeks and now he has gained weight, no longer wants to eat his poop and is looking fantastic, and he loves it!!



I used this on a Mastiff puppy, and have to admit I was very happy with the results, the puppy was well up on her pasturns, no deformity development on front legs and now she is 7 months old is growning very equally, she has kept bone definition, so yes would use again.

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