11/02/16 | Barbara
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Highly recommended

My cocker spaniel is now 6 mnths old. He looks forward to his meal times. He is a perfect weight & his coat is in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend this food to any puppy owner.
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My border collie pup has been fed this since he was 11 weeks old, he is six months now and he is stunning. Beautiful shiny coat, perfect weight gain and growth. I put a splash of water in it as sometimes he doesn't drink enough. However this food is well worth the money any puppies I have in the future will be fed science plan too.
13/05/14 | Mandi Johnson
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Great dogs grubs

I use this food when I can afford it by the sack great for my EBTs but I prefer the 18k so when the good cheaper deals are on... I'm in ;)
06/02/13 | jo
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very good

My dogs never likes dry food but this one love it is 50% meat not like another brand 20% meat only.
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Hills advantage foods

Excellent way to ensure health of dog with good value. Recommended to us by vet and ensured good health, good skin/fur and teeth. thanks
12/09/12 | Allison
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good stuff!

We have an 8month old border collie who has been fed on this since we had him at 13wks, he loves it and looks stunning.His coat is so shiny. I've always fed cheaper brands to our previous dogs but won't be going back. Would definately recommend this.
06/09/12 | jojo povey
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hill science small breed chicken

i buy hills science because i have the reassurance i am feeding my beloved king charles nutricous tasy food....... and the small kibble is perfect for her .... she is now 2 and every meal time she bounces around the kitchen and chases her tail in excitment knowing she is getting a yummy dinner...... zooplus offer great prices easy to pay and quick delivery, cant reacommend enough :)
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Hill's Adult chicken with rice

I have fed my six year old German Shepherd Hill's Science dry dog food since he was a pup. His coat is in excellent condition and I find hair loss is virtually none. Tried changing it once to a cheaper brand but not for long. The results way outstrip the price!
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Quality food

I think the food is quality and the dogs really seem to like it. Will keep on buying!
04/09/10 | Colette Larkin
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Best ever food!!!!

6 months ago, we got a 2 month old Jack Russell rescue dog to accompany our 3 year old terrier. Poor puppy had bad diarrhoea and was the smallest of her litter. Gorgeous dog so we decided to change her food to Hills Healthy Dev. after her treatment. She has never looked back, never again had any digestion problems, is lively, shiny and in great health. great complete food and the extra expense is worth it. Have started our 3 year old on Hills as well and between the 2 of them, they are healthy and happy. Highly recommended!!!!
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expensive but worth it!!!

I changed my husky pup from iams to bakers nuts to science plan. she didnt really like the iams and just picked at it, she loved the bakers but went to the toilet constantly which wasnt ideal. I then bought science plan puppy food which she devours and she has really thrived since i started feeding it to her. she was eating a 1kg box of bakers every 2days so the science plan doesnt work out that much more expensive. it really pays to shop around though!!

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