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This is a good food but not so good for my 8 month old lab she suffered terribly with wind and runny poos which got worse the longer she was on it having said that she loved the taste but sadly we have had to switch brands

01/07/15 | Peter Legge

Doubts creeping in

After trying several well known dry foods we settled on the Ocean White Fish and Rice which seemed to suit our greyhound very well. Good condition, shiny coat etc. She also liked the food and left nothing in the bowl. Recently we noticed that the packaging had changed and it was now called just 'fish and rice'. We now find that the dog is not nearly as keen to eat her food as she was before and at times leaves some in her bowl. We get the feeling that the ingredients have been changed. Has anyone else noticed this?


not as good as the JWB fishy version

We swopped from the fish JWB version when it ran out because it left Aphex with fishy breath and fishy smelling poos. I was not so impressed with the JWB lamb version. Even though I stored it in a seal proof container, I thought that it went 'stale' towards the end. In comparison to the fish version, it seemed that he did bigger poos- but then he was eating more as he grew older. His energy levels, appetite and health were the same. We transitioned onto Orijens and this was very telling. When I compared the lamb JWB and the Orijens that I could see and smell how much better the Orijens was. With testing Aphex would race for the Orijens first before the lamb JWB. This is not a re-buy.

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