changed my dogs food., and what a difference.

changed my dogs food after my friend gave my dog some james wellbeloved while watching him 4 the day,he loves it,and his behavour has improved,he poos twice aday instead of 4 times aday now, his whole demeamor has changed,hes a perfect dog,and he loves his food,thanks to james wellbeloved.

06/11/14 | Nicole Blount


This has to be the best product available for dogs, I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and both get very 'funny' tummies when fed anything other than James Wellbeloved. I would not choose anything else and would recommend to anybody.These big bags are excellent value too and I can't find it cheaper anywhere else!

06/10/14 | Elaine Greenhalgh

Stopped my dogs colitis

My puppy was diagnosed with colitis when she was 6 mouths, its been hard work getting a good food that didnt give her the ruins. I started ordering James wellbeloved junior turkey and rice and wow!!! after a month she was great, not perfect, but she will never have great gutts, but with this food, i can pick up her mess on walks without making a mess, doing it. Would recommend this for any gut problems in dogs, it does take a few weeks to work.

02/21/13 | Sue & Tsimi (the dog) , Tamworth

What a difference................

I took my staffie/rotweiller cross to the vets for her booster jabs at Pets at Home and she nearly emptied the building!! What a smell??! To say she had wind problems was an understatement. That combined with very loose stools made poop scooping and being in confined spaces with her a nightmare. My vet recommended James Wellbeloved and we haven't looked back since. She happily eats the lamb and the turkey flavours and I no longer have to explain to people that "its the dog"! She eats only this now and we even use it as treats when we're training. I tried more than twenty different types of food (wet & dry) before finding this one and am now hooked, we'll be sticking to James Wellbeloved from now on. It's a bit pricer than some, but worth every penny.

02/03/11 | Bev

James Wellbeloved Dry food

This food is cereal and grain free. My German Shepherd liked this food mixed with tinned meat. My only criticism about the 15kg bags is by the time I got more than half way down the bag, the food smelt off. My dog began leaving it as it smelt so bad. I had to throw away 3kgs of food. Only buy a big bag if you are going to get through it quickly.