29/01/22 | Bruce the hound
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Perfect for our busy Beagle

The ball is made of a strong foamed soft plastic material that seems impossible to chew through -amd it has 2 holes in it, so keeps the shape AND you can stuff it with some kibble keeping any inquisitive dog entertained for quite a while.
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Cat loves it!

My cat loves this ball. It's great because he doesn't know what direction it's going to go in. It really tires him out too and we've noticed less wildlife being brought home on the days he gets to play with this. Our puppy likes it too, but just to the same degree as other toys.
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My border collie adores playing with this ball and has such fun chasing it and trying to catch it when I throw it for her and she doesn't know where it's going to land! The only negative I have is that it would be great if it came in brighter colours than just the green which sometimes gets lost in the long grass. But otherwise it is fabulous.
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Stilll going strong!

Bought one of these for friend's Jack Russell cross, who normally destroys toys in minutes. Bought for Christmas and is still all in one piece. She loves playing with it - very good value!
06/02/17 | Rev'd. P.R.Brown
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Barking mad Chocolate Labrador's constant Companion

Splendid product. Most other balls last 10 minutes max. Works best with Chuckit launcher. Provides great exercise without the need for a long walk - but don't overdo it. Availability of other colours would be an advantage as green isn't great on grass.
05/02/17 | Rev'd P.R.Brown
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Barking mad Chocolate Labrador's constant companion

Brilliant product. So pleased it's back in stock. All other balls last about 5 minutes. Just wish it might be available in other colours because green isn't great on grass should it go awol.!!
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Indestructiball !

My very large Labrador loved this and chewed and slobbered over it as well as fetching for over three weeks.Then he lost it 😢😢Buying another as it was such fun!Ordinary tennis balls last about half an hour.
21/02/16 | Anne Edminds
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Absolutely brilliant

Bought this with a Chuck it launcher after recommendation from a fellow dog owner as mine destroys normal tennis balls in seconds (literally). It's brilliant! We have had it for over 2 months now and it still looks like new despite daily use. Would definitely recommend.
29/04/15 | Mary Riddell
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Acer is as Eratic at playing as this ball. What a great pair!!

This ball is great value for money. very robust my standard poodle would just try and chew some balls, but this one is great, it bounces off different things goes where he don't expect it to go, keeps him busy. As you can see in my pics Acer loves this ball.