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Please update the website

I agree with the latest review. The ingredients have changed. There is less meat in all the flavours I have purchased, and lesser ingredients differ to the website description. Although I informed Zooplus, they have still not updated.
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Incorrect ingredients

This food looked great. Unfortunately zooplus has missed out a few ingredients such as linseed oil, Pumpkin seed flour and coconut flour. When you have a dog with allergies it's essential they list every ingredients. They refunded me and told me to give the food to charity but I doubt they will change the description and no apology.
30/08/15 | Beryl Watts
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Wholesome food

Have been using this product for two years and it is excellent. Not only does my cocker spaniel love this food but it has protected him against inflammatory disease of the pancreas. He has had one flare up in two years and that was our fault - we gave our him raw bones, which we bitterly regretted, and will stick to this amazing and utterly reliable food. Louis loves wet food and we don't have to give him anything else, there is a good variety. They all look and smell wholesome.
09/01/14 | Sab
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Outstanding !!!!!!!!!

My dogs are so happy that i found this food for them! I have been looking for a long time for such a quality wet food. It is expensive but buying it in 800 g tins makes it more affordable. I would recommend this food to anyone that cares about their dogs health! no grain,no potato!!!!! I bought the turkey variety. I will purchase this product again and again!
27/04/13 | Lizzy
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Worth every penny

I have tried so many different foods for my two fussy dogs, and at last discovered Terra Canis. They absolutely love it. We have tried both the regular and sensitive varieties and both are great although I think the sensitive suits their digestive systems better. They relish the variety of flavours and unlike other dog foods we have tried, never tire or get bored of Terra Canis, which isn't surprising given the wonderful array of ingredients. This food is so pure and wholesome and smells so pleasant and nutritious compared with cheaper brands. Since changing to Terra Canis both dogs seem happier and healthier in general. Their coats, energy levels and digestion have improved and they get so excited about their dinner every day, which was certainly not the case In the past.I would not hesitate in highly recommending this excellent dog food which is well worth paying a little extra for.
06/03/12 | Terry
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Best wet food

It's taken me some time, and some research, but IMHO the Terra Canis Sensitive is the best wet food available in the UK. I think grain free is important and some alternatives you might want consider are the Lukullus Gourmet (grain free varieties) available here, and Ziwipeak available elsewhere.
26/01/10 | Deborah
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One of the best available in the UK

If you are on the search for a quality dog food with no rice, no grain and no starchy veg, then this is for you. By far the best wet food available in the UK in my opinion.
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Excellent product

My dog had suffered with chronic irritable bowel for years - since using this product his digestion is the best it's ever been! Expensive but well worth the money!

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