04/28/20 | Olga


bamboo shrimps, dwarf shrimps, rabbit snails and even my Betta boy love them!

11/06/18 | Karen Durham-Diggins

my pleco eats every bit

Great product - I have to agree with previous review - my pleco eats the lot - nothing left and seems really happy!

10/28/14 | Chris

Fussy Fish ,,,,,

Well i said it before and ill say it again ,, i ran out of my Tetra Pleco Tablets,, and had to use another brand,, my five tanks containing a variety of cats and sucker loaches ,,they ate very little for a few days,,,Tetra Pleco Tablets are the best this product is brilliant its as if they contain a homing device to lure them,, never any left all eaten up and very Happy Fish Rocommended Great ! ! !