02/25/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

It smells good and looks delicious

My pooch has not eaten any canned food this way for a long time;) it has a texture and smell reminiscent of our "people" meat cans. If the given composition is true, I sincerely recommend it.



Both of my dogs (Dachshund and Corgi) took to this food straight away and started wagging their tails as soon as they smelt it. Each bowl is thoroughly enjoyed. The consistency is on the soft side, but there are chunks of meat as well as veggies in the food, which means a good chew is needed every now and then. Great ingredients and a great solution for dogs who scoff their food down, as well as dogs with dodgy teeth.


Tasty - but pretty mushy

This food smells good and both my dogs love it, but it is pretty mushy. Usually I feed my two organic food, but I'll also stick with Greenwoods now - just going to add some oats to thicken it!