Sensitive ⏩ 80/20

Had my boy on Simpson's sensitive for last number of years with no issues which gave me confidence that 80/20 would simply be an upgrade short only of a complete barf diet. Transferred slowly and yes am very pleased with continued benefits.

02/14/19 | Christos Apostolakis

Excellent Product

Excellent product. After searching for the perfect balance between quality and price, i think i found it. Solid stools, easy to pick up, glossy coats and my two dogs go nuts when it's time for dinner. Also the feeding amounts are low so this food is very economical. Only minor complain is that the kibble size is quite small so large breed dogs with an appetite will inhale the food instead of eating it. Other than that this product is excellent.

01/05/19 | KJ

Premium Quality Dog Food

Since my previous brand of dog food stopped listing the actual percentage of meat in it's ingredients, I decided to switch to a brand that I could be sure was mostly meat. Simpsons 80/20 fit the bill, and although quite expensive, I find I need to feed slightly les, so it actually lasts longer and so works out good value. Dog is doing well on it, with good energy, alertness, bright eyes, cold wet nose, and shiny coat.



Can my 10 month old Dogue de Bordeaux have this adult food ?? He’s been on giant RC but developing skin problems

09/13/18 | deb t

Very good

Both my dogs had itchy ears and my labradoodle had some blood and mucus in his poo. Since he has been on Simpson’s we don’t have an issue with both dogs ears and stomach problems are rare. They are both ideal weights.


Happy dogs

My dogs love this food even my fussy lurcher

05/09/18 | Joanna Harding


After feeding our rescue lurcher a more expensive brand of salmon and potatoe for over a year , we tried this and to be honest I have found it ten times better , not only is it more reasonable but his coat is lovely and shiny and his dry skin has gone . He suffers from different food allergies and a sensitive tummy but this food works a treat and he loves it . Worth every penny .

01/08/18 | Jessica

Excellent quality food

I switched to Simpsons after long periods with AATU 80/20 and Applaws. Applaws was giving my staffy soft stools, room-clearing flatulence and was shedding constantly so it was time for a change. He is doing brilliantly on Simpsons mixed meat, with great muscle tone, his fur is soft and glossy and the shedding is reduced. His poops are also small and firm again and his farts are much less offensive! He's alway wolfs it down!

11/10/17 | Kate


I have quite a few dogs varying from a Saint Bernard to a cocker spaniel and I was anxious that they were fed a better quality food. I had read several very positive independent reviews for Simpsons and decided to try it. It has been a very positive experience with an easy transition as all the dogs love it. What i have noticed is that the nuts don't increase in size when I add a little hot water, which to breeds such as my german shepherds and St Bernard to reduce the risk of bloat

04/25/17 | Debra Wildsmith

Just the Best

My German Shepherd has never had stomach problems since he started on Simpsons. I tried many brands but he stayed thin and let's just say the state of my lawn wasn't very pleasant. Then I found Simpsons. The Sensitive range worked well but he wasn't very enthusiastic after a while. However, he has been on the 80/20 mixed meat and fish for a long time and still loves it. The portion required is less than other brands and I finally have my happy healthy GSD; plus the lawn looks good again!

02/08/17 | Sarah Hutchison

Best decision I've made

My boxer, until recently, was fed a variety of dry food and tinned meat. I didn't feel she was getting the best out of her food and wanted to switch to a grain free diet. I chose Simpson's 80/20 as it received fab reviews and contains MSM & glucosamine, which I had previously fed as a supplement. She loves it, and she looks great. Her skin and coat are healthy, she has heaps of energy without being off the wall, and the stiffness in her back legs has almost gone. She is far less windy, and her poops are solid, smaller and less frequent. It's also very good value for money as you don't have to feed as much as the cheaper brands. Making the switch to Simpson's was the best decision I made!


Great quality food

Fantastic quality grain free food with no added ingredients with no nutritional value like other supermarket brands. My dog no longer suffers from irritated skin and loose stools I suspect this was due to the fillers and grains in previous food he was fed. We now have our happy dog back and an empty bowl:)


They love it!

Aiming to give my active dog an energy boost for his beginners agility, and to get my lazy dog a little trimmer, I decided to give this 80/20 a try. After bracing myself for the cost, I switched them from standard dry food and a bit of meat, to this and a bit of meat. Well both dogs love it, lazy dog has sleeked down a trifle without increased scrounging, and active dog is full of beans, though energy level hard to quantify. It seems to satisfy them with a smaller volume and weight than grain based food, so, while pricy,means it works out not quite as expensive as I thought.

01/08/17 | Tony

My Dogs favorite

Have tried several dry foods from Zooplus, in fact I currently have this and another leading brand but when I place their food they eat this first and are not interested in the other stuff! My Chihuahua also manages with this food as the pellets are small whereas the other brand has big pellets that are not ideal for smaller dogs (I wish they said this on their packets!). I am sticking to this food, it looks better, smells better and I'm sure my dogs will agree tastes better

11/19/16 | Cindy Woolley

My Labrador loves this!

When we 1st got my puppy I had a bit of trouble trying to find the right food. Obviously I wanted the best food for my dog & was prepared to pay a bit more. I eventually tried this - after many other brands- and she loves it. Nice shiny coat, full of energy & very well formed stools. Definately recommend. Just wish Simpsons had more flavours for puppies

03/12/16 | Anne

Fantastic for GSD sensitive stomach

After many years with my German Shepherd suffering from constant boughts of diarrhea and after we had eliminated almost everything he ate I changed his diet to Simpsons sensitive salmon and potato on recommendation. I cannot express how much his life has changed he is now on his fourth bag of this food and never had diarrhea since day one, he loves the food which is a huge bonus and he is so much healthier and happy in himself.


Great stuff!

I have four dogs and have always fed them good quality, grain free food. I have studied dog nutrition and this one's ingredients are the best I have come across and my dogs enjoy eating it too which is a added bonus. Their coat condition has improved greatly on this food so I will be sticking with this one.

05/02/15 | Katrina Yallop

High meat content too rich

I was so excited about my boxer trying this as it is British made and got 5 out of 5 on the Dog food Advisor website. However because of the high meat content my boxer constantly had very loose stools and wind. I spoke to my vet who advised this was not good for him long term so we have changed back to Taste of the Wilde.


Love it!

Overall: dogs love it, great for the coat and energy, easy to digest and not as expensive as it might appear! We have two active corgis, one who will be 2 in May and the other will be 8 in July. Previously, they were eating Marcus Muehler and got on with it fairly well, although one of them was a bit fussy with it. When we started Simpsons, it was to see whether it would help the younger one with a skin allergy he was developing at a 1 and 3 months. It seems to have helped (I can't be sure if it was the food or just a change in the seasons) but both dogs absolutely love the food. I noticed within the first several days a lot more energy from them, to the point that I adjusted their food and gave them a bit less. They love the taste so much I can use it as training treats. No problems with digestion (not even at the beginning) and stools are firm and easy to pick up and unlike the previous food, there was less of it. I did try one order of the chicken, to give them a bit of variety. They liked it well enough but their stools were noticeably more whiffy. Their coats are lovely and the vet has commented on this on more than one occasion. I was very concerned about the cost and initially I was only going to buy this food temporarily. But even though this bag is 3kg less than Markus Muelher and costs more, I can say that over the past six months, I have placed fewer food orders so they clearly meed to eat less of it.


Top Quality Food

About a year ago I spent a lot of time researching dog food, at the time my Cocker Spaniel was on one from the local pet shop, not a bad food by any means but I knew there was better out there. You only have to read the ingredients to know how good this is, for starters you can understand what they are without looking them up and because by law they have to be listed in content values you know its full of meat and veg and not any of your derivatives and grain fillers either! Its about £8 more than the food he was on but because its of such good quality you feed them less so it actually works out better value and theres less scooping to do too. Another good sign for me was that this, and other good quality brands are rarely on offer, do you notice how often the premium brand leading one is a third off or buy one get one half price. Its like wine at the supermarket, if its on offer more often than not then you've got to ask yourself what the real value of it is?

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