11/16/20 | Florence

Huge rabbit hutch

Excellent hutch, plenty of room to move about. We only have our rabbit in hutch at night, because she’s fully trained house rabbit, but this hutch is brilliant. I found it very easy to assemble, but the instructions could have been better. I’d highly recommend this hutch

2 Very happy piggies

It is a fabulous cage and there is plenty of room for my daughter's 2 guinea pigs. Set up an extra house and there is still loads of room for popping. My daughter were able to assemble the cage on her own Zooplus were quick to deliver and this is the second time ordering a cage from them. The first was a cage for our hamster. We have been very satisfied with the delivery times and the service in general on both shopping experiences.


01/04/19 | Roxenne

Really good value for money

The cage was rather easy to put together and it looks nice and solid. My guinea pigs (2) really enjoy the extra space that this cage provides. I would highly recommend.
10/26/18 | Merike

Rabbit cage 140

Great cage where the rabbit has room to jump around. When putting together other than the instructions, Kate’s comment was very helpful, meaning the clicks. (Y)

Excellent cage

I ordered this cage to give my two Guinea pigs more space and it is big! It arrived two days after I ordered it which was very quick. I found it quite easy to put together following the instructions. My piggies are loving their new home and extra space. I like it has two areas so I can have fleece on the bigger side and the small area as like a kitchen with food hay and water .Two happy piggies 🐾
06/03/18 | Guinea piggies

Rabbit and guinea pig cage

I brought this product a few days ago and we have just built the cage and it looks amazing and I love the design of the cage and The only down side of the cage is : it’s very fiddly to put together
02/28/18 | Diane Thomas

Big and brilliant!

Bought this for a large rabbit we’ve recently rescued! The price is fantastic and the best around for a start! The whole cage took me about 25 minutes to put together and I love the fact it came with the extension as we’ve turned that into a sand pit for bunny. I love the accessories I didn’t read the description properly so weren’t expecting them. The only downside is that it’s such a big cage though the hideaway is very very small and our rabbit doesn’t fit, we’ve had to cable tie it up.
01/15/18 | Janet

Fab size & price

Bunny very happy when put in ! However cage not easy to put together even with 2 people. Thank goodness for cable ties & metal clothes pegs !
12/31/17 | Jo H

Great cage and good value for money

Spacious cage for 2 female guinea pigs (but no more than that). I've built more levels into it, to make it more interesting, as it has the height to do this which is very useful. It has a big access door (to the front), and the sleeping area is good (which guineas can easily jump up onto) and there is plenty of room at the other end to put another sleeping area. My only complaint is the add on compartment makes for a ridge on the floor of the cage, the design needs changing. Great cage, thanks.
12/05/17 | michaela haynes

gunniea pigs cages

brought these cages for christmas for two very happy gunniea pigs instrutions are very hard to under stand but other wise they are fantastic
11/29/17 | Katie

Brilliant indoor cage

Fantastic indoor cage, purchased to keep bunnies inside for winter. Was a little worried about assembly from previous reviews, but actually found them quick and easy to assemble. Would definitely recommend.
10/26/17 | Kirstie

Excellent cage

I bought this cage whilst it was on offer, for our two male Guinea Pigs. We originally had a 100 x 60 as sold to us by pets at home, but they had outgrown it and were beginning to bicker a lot more. I am so pleased with this cage and feel satisfied that it’s big enough for two stroppy teenage piggies. Assembly was a bit annoying and instructions slightly unclear. Also I feel the attachement to the nesting area could be strengthened. Other than that, a really excellent purchase and a great size.
09/23/17 | Kate

Good cage, confusing assembly

This cage is very spacious and my two boys love it. I assembled it solo, and once I'd worked out that the base actually clicks twice (force it quite hard past the first click and it will slide more to a second click) it was easy to assemble by myself. I think the difficulty is more in the unclear instructions than the actual assembly. It's more sturdy than I expected from previous reviews, however my hay rack was missing a stud out of the box so is useless as I can't clip it together.

Even better than expected

This cage is fantastic! I thought I'd been sent the wrong one at first as the base is in 2 parts - one 100cm and the other 40cm. Customer services were very quick to respond and very helpful. I didn't find it too difficult to assemble (took nearly an hour, but I did it on my own). The cage looks great and is now ready for the OAP bunny to come into the warmth of the living room.

Nice cage, annoying to build

Nice big cage, but it was an absolute nightmare to build, make sure you have two people to build it that was the mistake I made. Hay rack and water bottle are really flimsy so I just used ones I already own, bowl is good quality. I've found that the nesting area could be more stable so I plan to buy some cable ties to make it feel a bit stronger. Would be nice if all the bars were the same colour, as you can see from the pictures some are black and some are white. It's a good size :)
08/14/17 | Florence

Rabbit hutch

This hutch is fantastic, plenty of space for rabbits. Easy to assemble (take your time and follow instructions step by step) even comes with food bowl, water bottle and hay trough. I would highly recommend it. It was also delivered to me in Ireland 4days after ordering, delighted with it.

Brilliant size!

A pretty sturdy cage considering its size, I would definitely recommend this cage for 2-4 pigs. I would also recommend 2 people putting it together as that will make it much easier! The clips were a bit of a faff and sliding the base bits on made a few swear words come out hence the loss of a star, otherwise it's a great cage, especially for the price and my 2 new girls are VERY happy with their new home!

Nice big cage

This cage is huge! It was a challenge to put together on my own but my pigs love it
05/24/17 | Katie


This indoor cage is the best I've bought and definitely worth the money! It's easy to put together and so spacious for my 3 male pigs. Very happy with my quick delivery and great quality product.

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