Great tank!

I bought this second hand off somebody, and it's great. My hamster loves this, has so much room and lots of room for deep bedding. Ventilation is okay, but this is expected because it's a tank. Would highly recommend1
04/05/20 | Rae

Lovey cage, but the ventilation seems poor

I thought that my duprasi was just stinky, but due to another pet passing away he got moved into a larger tank and my roborovski inherited this cage. My previously no smell little lady was suddenly the issue, and the duprasi smells much cleaner! I don’t think the ventilation on this is working so well- the holes are much smaller than mesh or bars. This leads to more frequent clean outs. The space is lovely, the view of the animals is lovely, just a bit smellier!
01/01/19 | Natalie peach

Brilliant hamster tank

Ordered thw medium as an upgrade for my 2 robo dwarf hamsters. Really simple to assemble, lots of alun key screws and slotting in glass etc. Took about 40 mins and definately needs 2 people due to it being heavy etc. Sturdy roof and i like that it has a catch to stay open to make cleaning easier etc. Much better than the previous cage as can see my hammies better plus can bank the subtrate up so they can burrow better!
02/19/18 | Lesley M

Love it but it leaks!

Bought the large size for my Syrian hamster, great size, sturdy, looks great. However after my hamster became familiar with her new enclosure and choose her favoured corner to urinate in it appears that her pee is leaking down the gap between where the glass meets the wood. It’s only the thinnest of gaps but enough for the wee to leak underneath, so I can see it trapped beneath the glass bottom but I can’t access it to clean it off!!!! It’s started to make the wood rot and smell, such a shame.
12/01/17 | Livi

Skyline Marrakesh review

Very good cage for my syrian hamster, it comes flatpacked and you need 2 people to build it but it’s fairly straightforward The only thing is that the hydraulic arm that keeps the lid open has stopped working on mine so I use a wooden stick to prop the lid up instead
08/12/17 | Aisling

Love this cage!

Worth every penny for this spacious, robust cage. My Roborovski hamster is delighted with all the room. The cage looks terrific and the visibility of the hamster is a big bonus. The ventilation panel is sturdy. The lid opens and closes easily. One word of warning - this tank is a lot bigger than it looks in the photos.
12/19/16 | Stephanie

Haven't put it up yet but seems amazing

We ordered this while its on sale, because we're moving soon and my hamster and cat will need to be in the same room and no way to seperate them. So thought putting the hamster in a tank would be better. This is perfect for what we want. The metal on the top is very strong and no way can the cat get to my hamster :) It arrived within 2 days of ordering which is amazing considering it's near Christmas! BUT IT IS VERY VERY VERY HEAVY! Overall, very happy :) & Soon happy hammy!
09/23/16 | Jodie Jackson

Best hamster home ever!!

The best cage I've ever owned, it's solid & with the front glass makes a perfect view of your pet. Can't believe how much space it provides I have a very happy hamster. It's so easy to clean out and you have the option to change so much, can't recommend this cage enough, looks lovely
02/13/16 | Carol O'Connor

Excellent in every way !

*****Great for my 2 Degus who pulled the bars off their previous cage (Falco Small Pet Cage).Arrived in 36 hours ! Flat packed it took 2 of us 44 minutes to construct.Instructions good.Looks like a smart piece of furniture.Great design 4 most little pets.Tiny mesh holes so OK for mice but the whole lid opens so they could leap out.Packaged well but very heavy.Needs 2 people to move.definitely recommend*****
02/13/16 | Carol O'Connor

Excellent in every way !

Bought the largest size for my 2 Degus who had previously pulled the bars off their old cage (Falco Small Pet Cage, which is otherwise a great cage for other small pets, just not Degus !). This cage arrived flat packed in 36 hours.Very impressed but the delivery driver wasn't as the pack is heavy. It took two of us 44 minutes to assemble with no problems.Instructions were pretty good. When constructed the cage looks good, is robust & the lid opens & stays open for cleaning.Very well designed.
09/27/15 | Nicola

Gerblil Heaven

I bought this for my gerbils last week and I absolutely love it. I have had my eye on it for a while but was worried about the wood absorbing all the water and urine and hence rotting but I need not have worried at all. A quick email to zooplus cleared this up and it in fact has a coating of pet safe enamel so is completely water proof. I bought the larger version of this tank for my 3 girls, it can fit 4 gerbils nicely if you had a larger group. I divide my tank in two and give them one side with about 8 inches of bedding for digging and the other side is their living area with food and water etc. This is the shallow side. The gerbils love having two sections and they are spending far more time digging since i got this cage. It is excellently ventilated and completely chew proof. The lid opens fully and stays up which is brilliant for cleaning and any interactions with the gerbils. Lastly, this tank is beautiful to look at. It has become a real focal point in our kitchen / living area and I can't stop looking at it. Overall this is an excellent gerbil cage, great quality and will fit well in any home. We bought a besta unit from Ikea to place it on and they look great together and this is the perfect height, no bending or sore backs. I would recommend this cage to anyone, you won't regret it :)
08/12/15 | Mal

Chinese Hamster and Me Happy

Bought this as a replacement for old hamster terrarium, looks great.Plenty of room, easy access to inside with the servo lift.Im very very happy with this buy.

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