02/01/19 | Natasha O'Toole

Excellent Product

My two guineas are using this more and more. And what an excellent product for the price. Makes cleaning up poop a lot easier.
11/13/18 | Helen M

Good value and robust

Excellent product to slot into guinea pigs preferred toilet area. Easy to clean.
10/31/18 | Georgina

Excellent Value

Great product. Completely fit for purpose. Regarding flimsy plastic as mentioned in other comments, not at all. It fits my rabbits perfectly and they use it as intended. For £2.99, a complete bargain.


Good value for money & perfect size for my rabbits. As mentioned in other comments regarding the 'flimsy plastic'. Not at all. it is totally fit for purpose . For £2.99 it is more that what i expected.
03/23/18 | Becky

Good size.

Bought this for my Syrian as a sand box for sand baths as he has a separate hamster toilet. Good value for money and easy to attach to the cage

Very good

Big enough for adult male rats, easy to clean and I love that there is the option of attaching it with a wire!

Excellent, does the job !

I bought this for my 6 rats. Within a few days they are well on their way to being fully toilet trained, they are using it more and more to do their business in and I'm only finding the odd poop elsewhere in the cage :D makes daily cage cleaning a lot easier !
12/07/16 | KRISTINA

Great value for money

Today I saw the sam one at Pets at Home for £7.99
04/06/15 | Aneta

perfect litter tray for my rats!

Now when I have 9 rats I wish I got 2 of these. Cause I had to get one from pet shop and I paid twice as much and its already broken :( thisone however is perfect. And its affordable what is always appreciated.

Great value

Great price for the size, its not a small litter tray. I just wish you could pick the colour you want, if you could I would probably buy all 3. So 1 star off for not being able to pick colour, but otherwise a great product.
01/26/14 | Linda Alsop

Great product.

Very good size and it fits on the cage well. I got the blue colour but I really didn't mind which colour I received the quality was good. My guinea pig loves to sit in this but so far isn't using it as a toilet but I will keep trying to persuede her!

A must have

Purchased this for my rabbit. He's not the smallest of rabbits so I was worried he wouldn't fit in the tray however he did. Easy to clean and attaches securely. My 3 guinea-pigs also like to go in the tray so will be getting another one for them :)
12/23/12 | Jane

Brilliant bunny loo..

Easy to position in cage, easy to get bunny to use it , and easy to empty and clean. Perfect!
09/19/12 | Kelly

Great product

This is the perfect size for my mini lop. needed a new tray for his new cage as litter tray I had was to big, he has started using it straight away. Perfect and great price. One happy customer :)
09/08/12 | Abbie

Best Bunny Loo on the market!

Perfect, easy to clean and snug and safe for bunny - just right for dwarf buns but would try sqeezing a big bunny in lol! A* great for litter training and they hook onto the side of the cage so if your bunny likes to re-arrange it prevents it - well a bit lol
07/12/12 | Pen

Piggys Loo :D

I bought this toilet tray to go in my brand new cage .It has alot of space for my piggy to do its business in. My piggy is always in it.
06/08/12 | diara

More variety

it is definately a very roomy litter tray and fits perfectly on the hutch, however i didnt like th colour i received and therefore i think you should be able to chose ur colour, my guinea pigs do love this though.
01/21/11 | j dog

very good

This tray is very good i love it. x

Easy to clean

Had this item over a year now, used for 2 guinea pigs. Easy to fix to cage and easy to clean.
11/12/08 | Fernanda

this litter tray is very good

i am captain fiji me pirates and i come to sail to steal rabbits hahahaha ooh by the way this litter tray is very good

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