08/13/20 | Alina

My bunny started eating these pellets

Bought this as before used the wood pellets, after a day I realised that she was chewing on these. It is dangerous for her, so I had to change to paper based Plus it’s not as absorbing as wooden ones

12/21/17 | Roo

Ok - but not the best

I recently ordered this as it seemed good value and I usually use wood based litter and expected it to be similar as it looked almost the same. However in comparison to wood based pelts this is not very absorbent and does not hold smell as well. Quite disappointed as I had to change litter twice as often. I would recommend using wood based litter instead of corn based


Great potty litter for my rabbit

My rabbit is potty trained and i use this absorbent litter in his potty. I find it excellent as he tends to eat anything, but with this stuff, he doesn't get ill. I have tried several different types of litter and this is the best.It is very absorbent but obviously i change his potty daily.