08/23/15 | sharon hagan

Great fun but very short

I brought one of these for the ferrets they are great fold back for easy storage and the ferrets love them even they rabbits enjoyed it. But you really need at least 4 of these just to make them worth while i think

06/01/14 | HR

Guineas and Rabbits love it!

Delivered within 2 days of order. Alternate between the 2 house rabbits and 5 guinea pigs when they have their 'floor time', not difficult to wash and keep clean - so much easier than cardboard tubes which soon get messed up. Guinea pigs in particular like using it and place paper bag filled with hay near one end so they can scurry in and out. Not been nibbled yet! Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

08/04/13 | Lindsay

Rabbits love it

Bought this for our 2 house bunnies, they like it but did chew it for the first couple of days and spat bits of green plastic in to a pile. They seen to have gotten over this now. Sometimes we put it in the garden for them as well, they particularly like it when we attach it to the door of their home. Not the most attractive shade of green though.

06/25/12 | Jenny

They love it!

I brought this to swap between my rabbits and rats and they both love it! The only problem I have is how easily my rabbits chewed the edges but I dont mind what it looks like, so long as they are having fun. The rats also loved running through it and getting on top of it.

04/20/12 | Morgan

My rabbits and guinea pigs loved this.

I dont have rabbits and guinea pigs anymore but this toy was one of the best toys they had and my three rabbits and my three guinea pigs loved it. My guinea pigs loved it most of all and would in it hours on end in there hutch and run.

12/14/11 | liz eldridge

great for guinea pigs

This is geat, my guinea pigs love it. If they are not in their beds they are in this. A must have for any guinea pig area. You can keep it clean. This is important as guinea`s as prone to bactirial infections. cleaning means it is not a throw away thing unlike the card board tunnles (when they mess in them, it turns the cardbourd ones into a week deal). I did not get mine from here, but this is the cheapest i have found it. I will be getting another. one con. is they will chew the ends a little, but that is rodents for you.


Great for buns

All my 7 rabbits love these tunnels for running through when out on the grass. Really good roomy size for rabbits and compact and easy to store away. Great value as one of the most long lasting, durable rabbit toys.


Nightmare to keep clean

Totally agree with Mrs Sanchez my guinea pigs absolutely love it and would play n hide all day but they are not toilet trained and and this was just awful to clean out - even daily became a chore - took the fun out of it for me so I have now cut the base out of it obviously it doesn't bend or stretch into shape but at least they can still hide in it.

09/08/10 | Tiddles & Wana

Fun for the little one!

I bought this recently and my bunny just loves it! Whenever she's nervous or needs some comfort she can hide in here. Tiddles thinks the world of this tunnel and plays with it all day long! Would recommend to everyone!

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