02/18/21 | Emma Furlong

Not sure about this

Not sure about these don't think my rabbit likes them they are very strongly scented, almost minty. I left the bag open for him to investigate. He sniffed them but wouldn't eat any. I scattered some throughout the Hay in his litter box for foraging and he jumped in and immediately jumped back out. Hopefully he will get used to them if not they'll be going in the bin.


My Syrian hamster loves this. It adds more interest to her cage.


M bun buns love this healthy but exciting treat , lots of different tastes and textures

Great product

My bunny boys absolutely LOVE this, I can't put it down quick enough!
05/06/11 | Belinda

A winner!

I have been getting this Herb special mix for a few months for my 3 bunnies now-they come running when they hear the bag! Its definately a favourite of theirs and I highly recommend it. It smells lovely too-like mint Aero chocolate! :-)

:-o wow!

My 2 lionlops went MENTAL over this! I have to buy more, stat!

Great for rabbits

Wow, my buns went mad for this, Couldn't give it to them quick enough....I got mobbed!
11/16/10 | MellyWelly

Tasty treat-time for guinea pigs

My guinea pigs adore this treat! I keep the mix in a tub and as soon as they hear me shaking it they get really excited! It smells fantastic and they love the variety of all the herbs and flowers. Mmmm tasty.
08/07/09 | Mia

Much appreciated treat

Looks good quality. Great value and greatly enjoyed by my piggies.
06/15/09 | linda chandler

excellent value

all my guineapigs love this i count it as a daily treat i believe its so good for them looks so yummy tempted to try it myself lol only kidding
03/24/09 | Yvonne


My guinea pigs absolutely love this and it disappears in no time. It smells lovely and is full of flowers and herbs. It is also excellent value compared to some other similar products.
03/02/09 | Debbie


My hamsters - both Syrian & dwarfs - love this mixture & yes, it smells lovely!
04/23/08 | Gemma


Smells gorgeous and such a good price! My rabbit just loves it !
12/17/07 | alison roland

ideal for rabbits

this is excellent for rabbits. it smells divine. It is also cheaper than any comparable product

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