05/31/18 | Sandra

Yum Yum 😋

My dwarf hamster absolutely adores these dandelion roots. Whenever I put one in his cage, he is there straight away, nibbling to his heart's content. The funniest thing is he then tries to carry it inside his house. Imagine a dog carrying a large stick trying to get through a narrow doorway. Picture it? Now replace that image with a tiny dwarf hamster carrying a stick at least twice the size of him trying to get through a tiny opening in his house. It's hilarious!


My hamster loves these dandelion roots, my only complaint is that they arrived rather smashed and most of the pieces were very small.
08/14/16 | Bea B

Degus favourite

My degus absolutely love the dandelion roots! They come running everytime for these treats. It's good for their teeth as the sticks can be quite hard, keeps them out of trouble for all of 10 minutes :)
07/17/16 | Agnieszka

Best treat

My hamster loves this staff. She is very fussy with food and treats but never refuses to have a nibble at it. It could be slightly cheaper but I will buy it again for my lovely girl.

Chinchilla's favourite

My two chinchillas love this, definitely their favourite treat.
11/10/13 | Sarah

Chinchilla dream!!

My Chinchilla just LOVES this stuff, even more than raisins. So worth every penny, in fact since I've been waving pieces of this in front of him he's been so much more approachable and he was nearly wild when I got him 3 weeks ago. I believe in bribery and this is the perfect tool for me!!
09/09/13 | Maria

Good for meeces!

One of my mice in particular loves this dandelion root, and seeks it out wherever I hide it. :) The others love having a nibble at it too, and in mouse proportions the bag is huge! Good value for money, and much enjoyed by mice.
11/30/11 | sarah


My 2 rabbits go crazy for this stuff. It really helps wear their teeth down and its healthy too. They LOVE it!
11/18/11 | KatieB

Suprisingly large amount!

Considering this is a chew kind of treat, you would excpect it to come in a pretty stingy bag, and by looking at the picture. Thats how it seems. But it comes in a medium sized bag, and I have enough to last me around half a year! But if this were the only treat you were to offer your hamster/rodent/small pet, im sure it would go quicker, but overall excellent and different product!

My degus go crazy for this

My degus go mad for this everytime I offer it to them. They practically snatch from my fingers and go hide in a corner where they proceed to eat it as fast as they can. It has also started a couple of degu wars if one degu finished it before the other one did! Highly recommended.

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