This did the job!

We were given a kitten with a serious ear mite infestation. After finding they were resistant to all the different treatments the vet had over the past 7 months, we also failed at home treatments we were told might work. I bought this thinking it at least wouldn't hurt. 2 applications and they are gone!
07/03/18 | Tiffany


Absolutely love this stuff for my pet rats. I also use it on the carpets for fleas as last tenants left cat fleas in the house, 100% recommend.
12/23/17 | Hazel Laughlan

Allergic flea demititis eliminator!!

Both my cats suffer from it and vet said it was impossible to cure... well this spray certainly helps a lot...and for those that don't like the smell...treat your pets to some catnip to roll in....flea free and in kitty heaven. I agree I would have liked instructions in English!
09/05/17 | Tiffany


Super product. I use it on my rats and feel safe using it knowing it's 100% safe for them. Only down side is that there is no English on the bottle, didn't mind using google translate though :)
07/28/16 | Julie Robinson

Best Flea treatment ever

I have been using the exner spray on my dogs for four years now and it really does work. No more nasty spot on for my pooches <3
10/19/15 | Saysi


All previous usual chemical spot on treatments were not only disliked by the cats but I disliked putting such strong chemicals on them. This time usual spot ons have not worked so bought this. Worried the cat would have a fit when I sprayed her as she HATES the spot ons so much but to my surprise she went calm and sat while I rubbed it gently around her neck where her fleas are and she 'agreed' with me continuing to spray more and she just layed down and relaxed..no scratching. I later found sleepy slow moving fleas on the cream cover she was on..easy to pick up and remove. I do not know if eggs will hatch out on her as yet but it is recommended to use it daily for a week or less if not needed..it rubs in gently and the spray doesn't scare my sensitive cats as it is weak and wetting rather than noisy ..I cannot believe this has been so happily tolerated and it is working! YAY!! It does have a smell but ! don't find it unpleasant and neither do my cats!

wow! fantastic product

following numerous costly trips to the vets with the cat having open, bloody sores on face neck and ears with fur flying everywhere on a daily basis the elderly cat was understandably very unhappy. the vet gave steroids, flea treatment, antibiotics and still no joy! at our wit's end and as a last resort we tried this spray and wow instantly their was improvement within a week and over five weeks on the cats fur is almost back to normal and the cat is more like its usual self. a true life saver!
12/01/14 | Jayne

Fantastic Flea Spray

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for providing a non toxic flea spray for our pets. It kills the fleas so quick after spraying, and knowing it is harmless to our dogs is just great. Will thoroughly recommend this product.
12/01/14 | Jayne

Fantastic Flea Spray

I would just like to say how impressed I was with Exner Petguard Spray. This has to be the best flea treatment I have used on my dogs. I will not use toxic chemicals on my pets and have been after an alternative treatment for a a long time. Well this really does work and extremely well. It is an amazing product. Our pets needed a product like this , safe, harmless and effective.
10/07/14 | Lil

Worked when frontline stopped

We treated our two male house cats with frontline every 4 weeks for 10 years even though they don't go outside. A visitor brought fleas into the house and one cat had horrible scabs all around his neck. We had frontlined them 2 days before so were surprised that he was suffering so badly. We groomed him twice a day for a couple of days and then found this spray. Although we have not seen fleas dropping off as in other reviews, within an hour he perked up and the scabs were gone within 2 days. The fur was really silky too and in great condition. We have now switched to using this sporadically rather than regularly applying frontline which they hated (we had one cate foaming at the mouth after he managed to crane his neck around and lick the frontline)
03/16/14 | SEE

Seems to help heal the skin

I don't think my dog had fleas, but it might have been mites or some other irritant that gave her itchy scabby skin. I bathed her in insecticidal shampoo first, so that may have started the cure, but the Exner spray really seemed to relieve the itching and her spots and scabs healed. I've no idea how this stuff works, but it is easy and clean to apply, and seems to help the skin somehow.

My Cat Grew Her Fur Back

My cat had seen the vet once and was heading back for another trip but as a last resort I bought Exner. She has had flees on & off and for best part of a year has been over grooming, so much so that her tail, back legs and rear end were bald. I gave her a real soaking for a couple of days in a row which she hated. Now 3mths later her fur has almost grown back completely, I can't believe it. She is much happier and I no longer have a cat that who looks like a neglected stray. So pleased I gave it a try.
11/08/12 | Rebecca

Only treatment that works!

This stuff is incredible! I typed in the instructions into a Google translate, so I knew exactly what to do. My poor kitten had caught fleas from a friend's pet. We weren't expecting to have this problem as he is an indoor cat but these things happen. After trying the generic brands I was most disappointed in them...they don't work! Personally I find the smell of this terrible, however it works! It really does! I sprayed my kitten with this and the fleas literally dropped off into the bath! Any left on him were clearly visible and able to be combed off without causing him any stress. Oh, and it's left his coat beautifully shiny! I have already recommended this to any of my friends who have pets. I am suitably impressed!
09/21/12 | Nell Gwynn


My cavalier has had flea's on and off all summer, I use acclaim round the home and previously used holistic flea spray on him however the flea's persisted, I never seemed to find more than 3-4 but was constantly combing out THOUSANDS of flea dirt ALL OVER him, he was COVERED. I don't like the pharmaceutical flea treatments like frontline because it does not work and causes cancer! As does most of the pharmaceutical treatments. This is because flea's can build up resistance to them and shop bought ones are dangerous as one killed my friend's cat once. I used this once and he stopped scratching and biting which he has done CONSTANTLY all day all night for months now. I did see one massive flea fall off and stop moving in front of my eyes! I bathed him later in the day to rid the flea dirt and sprayed him once more, I sprayed the furniture and the cats who were also just slightly itchy.... now there is not one itch, scratch or bite in the house! FABULOUS STUFF recommended by our holistic vet :)
09/06/12 | Jen


I've tried everything to try and rid my 9 month old Dalmatian of fleas and so far this is the first product that doesn't irritate her skin, and it works! Will definately be buying the refill.
05/31/12 | Louise

Fantastic Solution to Flea Allergic Cats

I was beginning to despair with our cat. His reaction to fleas was getting worse despite use of two well known spot on flea treatments, even using them at shorter intervals than recommended. His fur was coming out, sores and scabs were covering most of his body. We tried a new product, a collar which you leave on for up to 8 months. This turned his neck red raw and the consequences were so horrific, our vet withdrew it from their shelves. So I wasn't holding out much hope when I ordered this product. I have to say, the change has been amazing. He doesn't have one scab on his body and his coat is shiny and looking really healthy. He doesn't enjoy the shower very much but I feel it is a small price to pay for his good health. He is even purring again.

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