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Good Buy

My rabbits prefer this to their hay, but do tend to eat their favourite bits and leave the rest.
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Not for rabbits

Just looking at the list of ingredients this mix is not suitable to feed to rabbits, as it contains corn and leek, which is on the poisonous list for bunnies. Rabbits are not rodents.
29/12/15 | Steve Hilton
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Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

This food was recommended by my breeder and our house rabbit has been on it since 1 year old she loves it
19/02/09 | Angela Smith
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Feeding to guineas

I bought this for my guinea pigs and they love it. I also feed them pellets but this is an extra treat and they love foraging for it in their cage. It's got lots of bits an pieces in it that you don't find in some other rodent food that you can buy from a general pet store. It's very good value and I will buy more when the big bag I bought runs out.
09/05/06 | Andrea Abbott
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My bunny loves this and as it has a good grass hay content, It means his dropping dont stick to him. Great value for money as well