21/02/13 | Jay
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Good...with a few modifications!

Bought this for my 2 guinea pigs in 2011. Easy to assemble and a nice size. I did have to make 2 modifications to it. One was to glue some little wooden strips to the ramp as they were having difficulty gaining purchase on the smooth wood. The other was gluing a bit of hardboard to the doorway to make the opening smaller (good size for a rabbit...bit too big for piggies). The one thing that did annoy me with it was that the lid sometimes slides off it's hinges and trying to get it back on takes a bit of patience! I haven't used it for a while as i got another guinea and it wasn't really big enough for 3...especially as one of the girls is a bit of a stroppy cow and likes to commandeer the best spot.
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Bunnies do like to chew ...

I originally bought one hutch to go inside a run to provide a warm and dry refuge from the rain. I was so impressed that I then purchased another two for the other runs, however bunnies do like to chew and one hutch is missing a leg and another is 80% knawed away. The latter despite being painted with bitumen! I would recommend that if you bunny is a "chewer" that you cover the legs with wire mesh or similar protection.
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Good but be careful of polecats

We have had one of these runs for 4 years with 2 of the Trixie Natura small pet houses. Our 2 guinea pigs absolutely loved using it. The run is a good size and easy to move around the garden. However please be careful, last week a polecat managed to get in our run and killed the 2 guinea pigs. I still like the overall design of the run but in future I will put some chicken wire around the edges.
19/01/12 | steve
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trixie metal run

excellent service, ordered mon came thurs morning, good quality run easy to assemble, i have ordered many things from zooplus, they keep there prices low and despatch items quickly many thanks
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Would buy again

My bunnys loves it and I don't need to worry anymore if they are outside it starts raining and I am at work. Easy to assemble.
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great for outdoors

I bought the bigger hutch to use with the outdoor pen with fenced covering (which is great). It was very easy to put together and my two guinea pigs seem to love it. They have plenty of room inside. The only slight problem is that since it started raining water seems to be sipping slightly inside and their hay gets quite damp. I was looking for a cover but could not find one so I shall have to improvise. Apart from this I am very pleased with it.