06/04/20 | Gabriela

Would totally recommend 😊

Grows very fast, once cut it smells lovely and my bunny loves it. Also the price is great.
06/18/19 | Alisha

Definitely would recommend!

Such a great product, my bunny loved it and it constantly continues to grow back, super cheap as well! Great for when you don’t have grass in you garden or your lacking grass!
02/01/19 | Natasha O'Toole

Couldn't get enough!

My guineas couldn't get enough of this. Took 5 or 6 days to get about 8cm in height. They ate iit all within 15 minutes. Gave it another watering now so I am hoping it grows back again. 10/10
12/09/18 | Michelle


Great little box of grass for winter when there's less grass around and my guinea pig is living indoors
07/29/18 | Carole

Happy Pets

Very good product grew very quickly would buy again
02/28/18 | ROBYN


These are so good for the money! I bought 7 of them for my rabbits/guinea pigs and put them above the radiator by the window and watered them everyday. Grew quick and I re-grew them 6 times!
05/30/17 | Dawn

Very good when there is limited grass outside

Really easy to grow. Stick some water in the tray, put it somewhere sunny and that's it done! My two guinea pigs love it!
03/06/17 | kas


bunny loves it so much, it grows fast, never fails. I like the soil substitute as it helps with relevant watering of the seeds. Second growing is even faster. I wish the tray was sold in a bigger option to save on all those plastic trays.... Your price rocks!!
02/06/17 | Sara

Excellent wish I had found this sooner

6 Guinea pigs and they all gave this the "paws" up- fantastic to be able to give them a little bit of outdoors whilst still keeping warm indoors - great value as it just keeps growing :)
10/10/16 | Lauren

Rabbit’s absolute favourite!

Woooow, our bunny loves this stuff. Really easy to grow on the window ledge and grows again once you’ve trimmed it. Didn’t upset bunny’s tummy at all and seems to be a healthy treat. My only criticism is that after a couple of weeks, the denser grass at the bottom seems to go mouldy - Not the end of the world as it’s easy (and cheap) enough to grow a fresh batch.
02/01/14 | Kieropo

Excellent Small Pet Product

My hamster absolutely loves this product. As soon as I put it in his cage he wouldn't leave it alone. He eats it, climbs all over it, and hides in it. I take it out of his cage every few days to let it recover. Very good value for money and healthy too! :)
02/16/13 | almarie stratford


My guinea pigs went wild for this as soon i had grown it. Im now letting it grow again . :)

Good for the price!

It hasn't quite finished growing yet but hopefully my degus will like the fresh grass as a treat. The only downside to this product is that it's in an easily chewable plastic dish, so instead I'm growing it in a terracotta water dish that you stand plant pots in. I will be covering it with mesh to try and prevent uprooting so the grass will last longer for them.

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