10/09/21 | Joanne

Guinea pigs love this

I have three guinea pigs and they all get plenty of enrichment playing with these, they’re good for chewing and the hay/forage inside them is definitely high quality. Great treat and if you’re herd aren’t as greedy you might be able to refill the woven ball before buying another. Better price here too, the only pet shop I know sells this near me charge €8.99. Highly recommend :)

02/09/17 | Denise

Love it !!

My two guinea pigs love this - squeak with delight when it's put in their cage

10/02/16 | Bethany

Hay ball

Great hay ball! It's a large one! I dint look at the description so when I got it, It was double the size I had thought. But it's great looks nice and the piggies like it!!

06/30/16 | Louise

My bunny's favourite

I get one of these every time I order from zoo plus, my two bunnies love them. They have lots of fun and a healthy snack, although they don't last long!!

06/01/16 | Emily C


My 6 year old and 1 and a half year old Guinea Pigs love this! I've added more hay, some pellets and even tucked some slices of pepper in this ball. It's so entertaining watching them run around after it and chewing the willow keeps their teeth sharp and a healthy length.

01/15/14 | Emma

Rabbits love it!

Mine spent a whole afternoon demolishing it and eating every last bit of hay from inside. Put the remnants back together and refilled with hay and they did it all over again the next day! Great fun!


The rabbits favorite

Bought one of these for my two buns and they totally love it! It's a lot bigger then I expected so perfect for my large rabbit. They love the hay inside and will eat every last bit. And they have great fun demolishing the willow ball! Will definitely be getting more in the future.

09/06/12 | Serena

Willow Hay Ball

My two bunnies love this willow ball! They had so much fun chewing the willow and loved the tasty hay and marigold inside. A good size and a good price. Will defiantly buy again!

04/14/12 | Tina Purvor

excellent buy

this is a lot larger than I thought it would be, so well worth the money. My dwarf rabbit loves it, she has not touched her normal hay in the hanging ball and basket since. I had it out for her until she went in her cage overnight, and put it in with her. Will purchase again and would recommend.

08/25/11 | Kirsty

Lily & Daisy love it!

My rabbits love it! Daisy, who is uaully very shy, was straight out the hutch, nibbling the ball, jumping over it and throwing it around! It's a lot bigger than I expected It to be, but don't think it will last too long, as the bunnies are loving it a bit too much! Will deffinatly get more of these, they are brilliant! A fair bit of the hay had fallen out into the packaging but the ball itself arrived undamaged, and it's easy enough to put it back in.

05/06/11 | Belinda

Huge hit!

I received this willow hay ball today and gave it straight to my three bunnies-they love it! They started playing with it, throwing it about and nibbling at it straight away so its definately a big hit with them. Its also much bigger then I expected. Think this will become a regular toy added to their order now!