10/18/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Totally recommend it

This food smells good, our rabbit took to it straight away and he's very very picky. Will always buy this now. Found it to be a great quality.

10/08/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Smells amazing

My 2 rabbits love this food and it smells fantastic ; ) but I don't give it to them every day, I only buy it when it's on offer because it's quite pricey. I've smelled other food and this one definitely smells the best

09/06/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Very tasty food

My rabbits and dogs (yes dogs!) demolished the tester pack. I find it a bit expensive which is why I am only giving it 3 stars. Shame.

05/24/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

They loved it straight away

My 2 rabbits really like this food and took to it straight away. But I only buy it when it's on offer because it is expensive. But I have yet to find another food which smells so good : )


Flocky loves it

Our little Flocky just loves this food with the herbs. It's gone almost immediately. I've been buying at zooplus for ages now and love their products.

11/12/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Tasty, delicious

Our rabbits love this. It smells herby fresh and is healthy.


Sceptical but now convinced

Hello, I expect most of you know this problem: your pet doesn't want to eat, no matter what you present it with. I started with Bunny Junior and Beaphar Care + Young, but the rabbits get bigger and need different food. Unfortunately Triene the rabbit didn't want to eat Bunny Herbst, in fact she preferred to pee on it, so I needed another brand to go with Beaphar Care+ for adult rabbits. I got this but was worried she wouldn't like it. But the complete opposite happened – she loved it. I had no problems with crumbs in the packet, nor did she pee on it. No, she eats it all up! So I can only recommend that you try this food. The worst that can happen is that your rabbit doesn't like it.

09/22/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

2 like it, 2 don't

I got this food for the first time recently because I thought that it sounded really good and I want to give my rabbits a healthy diet. Unfortunately only 2 of my rabbits have taken to it. And 2 don't seem to like it. That's such a shame because I really like it.

09/21/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Number 1 choice!

Great quality food and it smells of fresh herbs. Amazing. If I was a little rabbit I would love it. And that's just what my 2 do. They really enjoy it and it contains only good things.

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