07/28/17 | Alison

Both rabbits love these

A great treat, both rabbits enjoy these and would eat the whole lot at once given the chance!

11/22/16 | Joanna V

Loved by my guineas and hamster

Good quality treat, doesn't fall apart, good ingredients, loved by the animals and the price is loved by me. One cookie per week is enough for the hamster and 2 a week for the guineas is fine. Highly recommend.

10/10/16 | Amanda

Ratties love these

I buy these as a treat for my sons rats. They love them.


happy pets

I gave these cookies to my friends Guinea pigs and they loved it very happy. will be buying them again


roborovski hamsters

My gorges hamster love this treat so much. After couple days is all gone. I am recommending definitely for everybody who got roborovski hamsters.