11/15/17 | M muir

Cats love it

Yes, the cats love it, BUT it is not a complete food it is just a complimentary food and as such is not adequate for constant feeding so you need to use this in conjunction with a complete food.

Tasty, but not a complete food

Cats seemed to like it, and it's full of real meat pieces. I realised after ordering it's not a complete food. I do think this should be made more obvious in the title of products on this site, for those who might not check the label, and end up with a very poorly kitty.

Both my cats love this

One of my cats has a skin allergy although I've not been able to fully identify all the triggers. This food seems to be fine for him though & both him & his brother gobble it up every time! It does seem to vary (I buy the tuna & cheese variety) in consistency between batches with some more watery than others & some with yellow cheese vs White & some with bigger chunks of both tuna & cheese than others. All in all a good complementary food along with a complete dry food & not bad value for the quality when you buy in bulk.
09/06/16 | Marianne

Great when trying to hide medication!

One of my kittens was ill recently and had to be given antibiotics which he would not take voluntary. We bought a few tins of this a recommended by our vet to help mask the pills and he was so busy wolfing it down he didn't notice the medication at all. Absolutely loves it. One stay knocked off because of price - we're now having to transition him back to something more affordable for the long term!
11/27/15 | Rachael


Our two kittens had this for their first month here and it was gone as it hit their bowls, they have a noticeable improvement in their coats and is great alongside the dried food. It is more a pate type consistency and they have seemed to outgrow it as they began teething preferring the adult chicken version.
01/20/15 | Aimi

Real chicken shreds

My kitten loves the shredded chicken fillet, he gets it mixed with kibble. Trots then gallops to his bowl when he sees the can. Very good for a supplementary food. However, there are better value wet food on Zooplus like Cosma (shreds), Feline Porta 21 (shreds) and Alma Nature (pate).
06/20/13 | Sofie


My 12 week old kitten who is usually a bit cautious of new foods went nuts for this! Ate half a tin straight away. If only it came in bigger tins!

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