28/07/17 | Jacqueline Gaffney
: 3/5

Not as good for us as the chicken applaws

My dogs are all enjoying the chicken applaws food and doing very well on it. I decided a change of flavour might be nice for them but I am disappointed with this. The kibble is much bigger than the other flavour which I hadn't expected. One of my rescue dogs has recently had to have all of his teeth removed and can't manage the new size. I am now going to have to order another bag of the other flavour just for him 🙄 Also there were some other biscuits (very few) mixed in with this that don't look like they belong there so have possibly been mixed up with another food?! I will be sticking to the chicken applaws in future for my dogs!
: 3/5

Loyal applies customer now disappointed 😠

My dogs have been having this for a few years all was well until they changed the sizes of the bags since then every time o buy it takes at least 2 weeks for my dogs to adjust dispite it supposing to be the same have spoke to the manufacturers twice because of concerns but this time the 15 kilo bag I've opened has food it shouldn't have mixed with will not buy any again