04/25/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Dogs can't get enough!

I have one fussy and sensitive stomached dog, and one non-fussy eater. Both adore this food, their coats are beautiful and sleek, and this is half the price of the nearest best (and this is, in my opinion, better) competition brand. Cannot recommend enough!
01/05/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Pleased with this 'mistake'!!

Having hit the wrong button and instead of ordering 2 X Sensitive which mine have been on for years, I managed to order this instead. Having gently introduced my lad to this instead of Sensitive, he's been fine - and this costs less than Sensitive too!

excellent, dogs love it

I have one dog with sensitive tummy, she is happy and perfect on this. my other dog eats anything, switching to Arden grange was no problem. Kibble is solid smallish 1cm pieces, as such it doesn't leave crumbly dust at bottom of bag (as some other brands do). I have medium to large dogs and they have no trouble eating this size. Poo is perfect. No complaints.

Happy Irish girls!

We own 2 Irish Setters, our oldest is almost 10 yrs old and we were silly to be swayed by our vet and we had her spayed - consequently she has suffered with urinary incontinence, obesity and a beautiful fluffy but very dry coat. She has always eaten Arden Grange lamb but after our youngest Irish came along and was a much fussier eater we decided to switch flavour...hey presto, a much less flakier scalp and such a shiny coat for a spayed lady! So top marks from us all for this great food!
07/24/17 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Gentle on his tummy

This is great for our Weimaraner who has a very delicate stomach. He also seems to love it which is always a plus! The kibble size isn't a problem as we use a slow-bowl to feed him with, which means it takes him around 4mins to eat instead of 25seconds.

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